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Is there a special machine tool for Longgang UG training and CNC programming

is there a special machine tool for Longgang UG training and CNC programming

the source is dry hanging curtain wall system and sandwich insulation system cloth time: 01:03:01

is there a special machine tool for CNC programming? Welcome to consult Mr. Deng

Shenzhen excellent CNC training school has been engaged in CNC technology training for many years. It has formed a training team with ultra-high professional technology and teaching experience, and front-line engineers with more than 10 years of programming experience. They have a complete set of teaching methods, and the course content is customized according to the situation of students. The purpose of our training is not only to teach students the function explanation of UG software, but also to guide students to learn more about practical content Xi, explain the application of UG in practical work, and let everyone really master the core technology of UG programming. When no part is selected for surface drive, the first knife or the next knife collides with the knife or overcut. Solution: fine tune the start and end percentage of the surface, and it's OK

beginners should pay attention. Some training institutions teach the use of software, where they can only learn some basics! In our case, the premise is to try again after skillfully using basic commands. This training is hand-in-hand taught by engineers who have worked for many years. It combines software application with experience and skills. It is completely factory teaching. It is taught by factories for ten years. We implement unlimited class hours until we learn it

the tool path collides with the knife at the rotating body or is over cut except for the dimensional tolerance of the wire core (cable core). This situation often occurred in the previous low version, but now it basically does not exist. Solution: extract the weight for new stitching. It is necessary to extract the B surface

How can we easily learn the core technology of UG programming in a short time? The answer is: master the "UG programming ideas", which is the essence of NC programming! This is also not covered in many tutorials on the market! I believe that many colleagues in the industry, including friends who have used UG for many years, have profound experience in this regard

when the cavity milling follows the periphery from the outside to the inside, it does not accurately identify the real forward and backward milling. If you want to forward milling, it will follow you to do the reverse milling. Especially when the bull nose knife is rough, the reverse milling is easy to snap the knife, and it is very loud at the corner, or even seriously overcut, and the blade is easy to jump off. Solution: the selection of cutting sequence popularizes knowledge from inside to outside. Of course, you can also consider following parts

due to the different situation of each student, some students still haven't learned thoroughly after the course, so they can learn together with the next class of students for free until they really learn this technology. Friends who want to learn UG programming, if you really want to learn to master an excellent technology

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