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Longji officially entered into photovoltaic hydrogen production. On March 31, 2021, Longji established Xi'an Longji Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. through Longji green energy venture capital, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and Shanghai Zhuque investment. The registered capital MDI was also used for coating gold of 300million yuan. Li Zhenguo, the founder and President of Longji, personally served as the legal representative, chairman and general manager of 182 high-altitude operation machinery of hydrogen energy company. This is another big move after Longji took a stake in Suntech and made a strong layout of BIPV. Longji deeply integrates photovoltaic and hydrogen production, and plans to vigorously develop photovoltaic hydrogen production, which not only represents the future development direction of photovoltaic hydrogen production industry, but also provides new ideas for the difficulties of photovoltaic development

the development history of hydrogen energy industry is accompanied by the continuous development of hydrogen production technology. At present, the industrial methods of preparing hydrogen can be divided into: gas conversion; Thermochemical method; Biological hydrogen production; Hydrogen production by electrolysis of water; Biomass pyrolysis technology, etc. Among them, coal gas conversion, which uses fossil fuels as the main raw material, accounts for 96% of the total hydrogen production in the world. Although the proportion of hydrogen production from electrolytic water is less than 4%, the proportion of hydrogen production from solar energy is very small. So far, the research on solar hydrogen production mainly focuses on: thermochemical hydrogen production, photoelectrochemical decomposition hydrogen production, photocatalysis hydrogen production, artificial photosynthesis hydrogen production and biological hydrogen production

among them, the technology of combining solar power generation and electrolytic water to produce hydrogen into a system is the mainstream development direction. From a worldwide perspective, the solar power industry has entered a relatively mature stage. The total installed capacity of global photovoltaic power generation has gradually increased from 135gw in 2013 to 386gw in 2017, and then jumped to 480gw in 2018. In addition, the record of photovoltaic power generation conversion rate has been constantly refreshed, and photovoltaic technology has made great progress. In China, the current hydrogen energy industry is mainly based on the application of hydrogen industry related to fuel cells, which promotes the development of new energy vehicles, distributed energy supply and other emerging industries. Especially recently, with the wind of the promotion plan of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in "ten cities and thousands of vehicles", there have been four "hydrogen cities" in China with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as the starting point. The power generation cost of xdppstr-03lq19005 biological filling material of photovoltaic Xinda in China is about 30 cents per kilowatt hour, which is significantly lower than the current power for hydrogen production, making the cost after each spraying

when photovoltaic meets hydrogen energy, another new blue ocean of new energy applications is born. Solar hydrogen production, a new energy application that has been proposed for more than 40 years, has ushered in a historic development opportunity when the photovoltaic industry is entering "adulthood" and hydrogen energy is thriving. Solar hydrogen production is likely to become a large energy storage link. We can produce hydrogen in sunny places in the west, directly through power conversion devices, without any carbon dioxide emissions and pollution

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