The hottest Longhai company produced 11 special su

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Longhai company produced 1.1 mm special super large glass for the first time, and has established low, medium and high-grade glass steps.

with the joint efforts of the majority of employees, Longhai company successfully completed two 1.1 mm ultra-thin glass originals 1244.6 mm on November 27 after 2 hours and 40 minutes of hard work × 1709 mm and 1530 mm × 1490 ㎜ production task of 2767 ㎡ oversized products. This 2 is to promote the progress of plastic blending technology, new products of plastic additives and utilization technology, and the successful production of development specifications. It not only meets the special needs of downstream customers, but also accumulates the experience of lack of competitiveness for the company's ultra-thin and ultra-large specification glass production, and has become a new bright spot for the company to increase economic benefits. This is the first time that Longhai company has produced ultra-thin and super large glass since it was put into production. Zhonghua glass (WW imported ore market price is weak and stable) Department

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