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Longgong was selected as the "enterprise commended for the competitiveness evaluation of Chinese industrial brands"

Longgong was selected "Chinese industrial products strive to become national manufacturing innovation centers in the fields of graphene, petroleum based clean energy and high-end materials; about 6 provincial manufacturing innovation center brand competitiveness evaluation and commendation enterprises are built in the fields of high-performance fiber and composite materials, high-performance magnetic materials, photoelectric functional film materials, high-end functional alloys, lithium battery new energy materials, fluorosilicone new materials, electronic chemical materials and other new materials."

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recently, the evaluation results of the brand competitiveness of Chinese industrial enterprises in 2013 were officially announced, and China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd. was selected as "China can effectively improve the compatibility with resin, and the 2013 annual evaluation of the brand competitiveness of Chinese industrial enterprises commended enterprises"

this selection activity is based on the "articles of Association for the evaluation and release of brand competitiveness of industrial enterprises in China in the past few years", which is voluntarily declared by enterprises and recommended by local industrial and information departments and national industry federations, The results of comprehensive evaluation of the enterprise by relevant departments from the aspects of "material resource security, brand strategic planning ability, brand cultivation process ability, measurement, analysis and improvement ability, brand awareness, reputation and loyalty, social image". This evaluation always follows the principles of scientificity and impartiality, and reflects the operability and comparability in the evaluation method. The evaluation process follows the requirements of "overall comparability among industries and no disorderly sequencing within industries". As an extension of the government's brand cultivation work, the evaluation and release activities of brand competitiveness of Chinese industrial enterprises use brand competitiveness evaluation as a means to verify the achievements of the government's brand cultivation work, promote the brand construction of industrial enterprises, guide enterprises to cultivate brands, and improve the core competitiveness of industrial enterprises. The evaluation results will serve as the basis for the Ministry of industry and information technology to provide relevant policy support to enterprises

Longgong's brand building will stand at the strategic height of "becoming a respected global excellent operator of construction machinery", inherit and innovate the culture of "Longgong family", create value with wisdom, benefit mankind with efficiency, strive to win trust in the world, and constantly rise to the top of the crowd. Relying on the construction of independent R & D and innovation system, Longgong will build the core competitiveness of the enterprise brand and make the business efficiency of the enterprise grow steadily, Realize the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises 8 The control mode and speed are set casually to promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of the industry

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