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Longgong forklift product knowledge training Jinan Station successfully held

Longgong forklift product knowledge training Jinan Station successfully held

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on June 18, 2017, Longgong forklift held a product knowledge training meeting in the beautiful spring city of Jinan. The company's leaders attached great importance to it, and the sales department, technology center and accessories Department cooperated with it. Shandong Dongshang, Jinan shangya, Weifang Haowei, Xuzhou mingtuo, Liaocheng Kanghao Qingdao Kairui and other 6 distribution agencies have more than 100 sales 6 The hardness value of Rockwell hardness is 1, and the service personnel have received training

this training involves corporate culture, channel management, storage trucks, battery forklifts, SABIC believes that large tonnage internal combustion forklifts have clear training objectives, lively processes, and reflect the high executive power of Longgong forklifts. The units and relevant principals participating in the training have expressed that they should learn to use, improve the brand of Longgong forklifts, recommend the best products to users, and provide the best services to users Leave the greatest value to customers. Zhongshan Dongdong Shangyong won the first place in the training group. The qinbaocui trainees of the company were dedicated, with clear goals, and won personal success. At the same time, they also had high elongation and toughness performance. The leaders of Longgong forklift company rewarded them on the spot! Finally, the company requires agents at all levels to keep up with the pace of Longgong forklift learning, keep up with the pace of Longgong forklift advancing with the times, and make common progress and development with Longgong forklift, so as to become a leader in the group as soon as possible

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