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The application of "integration of theory and practice" teaching in electrotechnical courses (2)

2.3 construction of teaching places

construction of teaching places integrating theory and practice is an important guarantee for realizing the integration of theory and practice. It is necessary to realize the integration of practical training and classroom, and the integration of practical training and workshop. The college has built two Electrotechnical integration classrooms, where students can do experiments, practical training, skill examination, etc. The training room is equipped with multimedia teaching equipment. The training room is arranged according to the working environment of the enterprise, creating an enterprise working atmosphere and creating conditions for the integration of "teaching, learning, doing and evaluation"

in addition, cooperate with relevant enterprises to establish a stable off campus training base. With the goal of "cooperative education, cooperative training, cooperative development, Yu Weiye, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and cooperative development", we have achieved the integration of schools and enterprises according to the principle of sharing resources when Jonas Martens, the founder of the company, was interviewed by the media, achieving win-win between schools and enterprises and benefiting students. At present, we have made useful exploration in this regard, Training for employees of relevant enterprises, undertaking the installation of electrical equipment of relevant enterprises and productive training in enterprises, and achieved satisfactory results

2.4 analysis of learning situation

students are the object of our training, the product of teaching, and the main body of teaching. Only by doing a good job in the analysis of learning situation can the teaching be targeted and the "integration of theory and practice" teaching be effectively implemented. Through questionnaires and symposiums, the course team clarified the psychology, characteristics and learning status of vocational college students. At present, the characteristics of higher vocational students are: poor logical reasoning and abstract thinking ability, uneven foundation, lack of self-confidence, poor ability to complete tasks individually, poor persistence, like collaboration, strong curiosity, like hands-on. Students don't like "filling the whole room" and "swimming on the shore". Students are more willing to "teach, learn and do" in one, apply theory to guide practice, and comprehend and deepen theory in practice

2.5 design of teaching process

teaching design is the core of realizing the integration of theory and practice teaching. This course adopts the methods of "project leading, task driving" and "teaching learning, learning to do" to integrate the cleaning and learning tasks of the barrel for completing work tasks under the processing temperature, and integrate the learning of professional knowledge and the training of professional skills bent to 90 degrees, so as to achieve the combination of work process and learning process. It emphasizes how students do and how to do better, while taking into account students' sustainable development ability. The teaching mode summarized by the course group is shown in Figure L

the teaching team in the above teaching mode has carried out classroom teaching design for each project and class

Figure 2 is the classroom teaching design of the project - relay contactor circuit installation and commissioning

classroom teaching activities are student-centered, teacher led, and "teaching, learning, doing, and evaluation" are integrated. In the process of teaching, teachers should be good at finding the shining points of students, often motivate students, stimulate students' interest in learning with their achievements in completing tasks, advocate the diversity of students' task completion and encourage students' innovation. The role of teachers is to carefully organize, explain theories, inspire and guide, operate and demonstrate, point out ideas, tour guidance and effective incentives. The role of teachers has changed: from authority to communication, dialogue, service and consultation

2.6 reform of performance evaluation

establish a comprehensive, scientific and fair evaluation system. Pay attention to process evaluation and effective incentives, form an integrated index system, and adopt "the combination of daily assessment and centralized assessment, the combination of written examination and actual operation, and the combination of theory and practice"

specific indicators are:

(1) learning attitude and phased learning effect (20%)

(2) teamwork (10%)

(3) student works F20%)

(4) theory and practical training examination (50%)

3 conclusion

theoretical research and teaching practice have proved that the "integration of theory and practice" teaching is a teaching mode that conforms to the laws of vocational education, adapts to the learning characteristics of higher vocational students, and can achieve satisfactory teaching results. It fully embodies the "integrity of morality and ability, integrity of theory and practice, and integrity of coaching". Students use both hands and brain, and integrate learning and doing. Students have solid theoretical knowledge, excellent practical skills, and high comprehensive quality. At present, we have made some attempts in the integration of theory and practice. In the future, we will continue to reflect, summarize and refine, and gradually form our own characteristics

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