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Longbo group has passed the green standard system certification

to promote the establishment of a unified green building materials product certification standard, certification and identification system, so that the profile can meet the standard and be produced normally; 2. In order to test their own products, it is of great practical significance to clear the confusion of green building materials product market certification, reduce the institutional transaction costs of enterprises, and promote enterprises to reduce their burden. The green product certification in the field of glass deep processing will guide and promote the majority of enterprises to change their operations. Although it can also obtain the idea of test report of GB8624 (1) 997 version of non combustible B1 level and even reach non combustible A2 Level, transformation and upgrading, and move towards the green direction

Longbo group, as a rising star with rapid development in the field of glass deep processing, integrates sustainable ideas such as green, environmental protection and energy conservation into all aspects of management from product design and development, raw material procurement, to production process control, to product delivery, transportation, delivery and use, and strives to make continuous improvement in energy conservation, consumption reduction and pollution reduction

in 2016, Longbo group introduced lisek intelligent glass deep processing system, began to integrate green and intelligent concepts, established and implemented four management systems: quality management, environmental management, energy management, occupational health and safety management, and integrated them into the intelligent management system. While lisek intelligent glass deep processing system was successfully accepted, it also successfully passed the certification of quality management system, environmental management system, energy management system and occupational health and safety management system of China Construction Lianxin Certification Center

in November 2018, through strict assessment and review, Longbo group's assurance ability for the production of green products and the corresponding green products of tempered glass, laminated glass and insulating glass for construction passed the on-site audit of the national construction Lianxin Certification Center

in March 2019, the "green product certification" certificate of Longbo Group officially appeared, marking that Longbo officially passed the green product certification and became one of the first enterprises to obtain the green product certification of building glass in China

Longbo group has always been focusing on the field of glass deep processing. Both the product quality and the green environmental protection indicators in the production process can withstand the most stringent standard inspection in China. The whole line has passed the green standard system certification, which fully demonstrates the strength of Longbo group in green environmental protection and makes it the pride of China's green building materials enterprises

in the future, Longbo group will continue to follow the relevant "guidelines and requirements of the green product certification system, improve the production process and the quality of finished glass products, and make it more standardized and systematic, so as to achieve more energy conservation in the group's production activities, reduce operating costs, and open the high-end market with the" green pass "

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