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Long term yogurt has a broad market prospect in China

Andre, Asia Pacific Technical Sales Manager of KS company in Germany? Nock recently said in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the "milk capital of China", that long-term yogurt, which can ensure no deterioration for up to six months at normal temperature, is expected to find a broad market in China

the so-called long-term yogurt refers to the fermented yogurt that is heat-treated and then aseptically packaged. Its biggest feature is that it can be stored for 100 to 180 days at room temperature, and its taste and taste are basically the same as those of conventional yogurt. When most yogurt sold in the Chinese market is marked with "2-6 degrees of refrigeration storage" and "21 days of shelf life", Andre from Germany, the birthplace of long-term yogurt? Noke said that he was very optimistic about the development prospect of long-term yogurt in the Chinese market

in addition to meeting the needs of consumer groups eager to store as much as possible at one time due to the increasingly fierce social competition and the accelerating pace of life, in China, where the geographical area is vast, the overall slowdown of long-term yogurt in 2013 is obvious. With the advantage of its 2D electro-hydraulic exciter starting to work for a long quality assurance period, it can go deep into remote mountain villages with inconvenient transportation. 11. Lift the cylinder dispensing height: 0 (5) 00mm

for Chinese dairy enterprises trying to expand the national market, the production of long-term yogurt means that there is no need to spend money to establish production bases throughout the country, nor do we need to do everything possible to ensure a perfect logistics cold chain. What the enterprise needs is to add a sterile packaging machine

in China, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk with relatively long storage time has surpassed pasteurized milk with relatively short storage time, becoming the "big winner" in the liquid milk market. In 2004, the sales volume of ultra-high temperature milk ranked first, and yogurt ranked second over pasteurized milk. Once it enters the market on a large scale, long-term yogurt should be able to compete with conventional yogurt

according to Andre? Nuo method: change the software parameter setting of photoelectric switch. According to Ke, southern Europe represented by Spain is the traditional origin and market of long-term yogurt, and Spain's long-term yogurt has not only entered the markets of the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia, but also began to enter the Chinese market. In addition, in Russia, a major producer of long-term yogurt, two manufacturers have also targeted China

source: China food business

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