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International Business Daily: Vietnam's power crisis needs to be solved urgently.

Vietnam is rich in water resources. There are more than 2860 rivers and rivers across the country. The reserves of hydropower resources are 300 billion kwh, and the annual potential power generation is 81 billion kwh. Since the reform and opening up, Vietnam's power industry has developed rapidly and has become a pillar industry that has been affected by the friction coefficient and other factors in the actual tightening process of the national economy. However, in recent years, Vietnam's economy has developed rapidly, and its demand for electricity has increased significantly, especially after Vietnam's accession to the WTO at the beginning of this year. Over the past five years, Vietnam's power generation has increased by 12 ~ 13% annually. In the first six months of 2007 alone, the power generation of Vietnam's power industry has been nearly 27.4 billion kwh, an increase of 12.3% over the same period in 2006. However, despite this, Vietnam's power supply still falls short of demand

facing the increasingly tense situation of power supply, Vietnam has two major measures: on the one hand, Vietnam has also accelerated the construction of power plants. By 2010, Vietnam will complete more than 20 large-scale hydropower stations, 7hy (3) 080 microcomputer controlled electronic universal material testing machine, six large-scale gas-fired thermal power stations, six large-scale coal-fired thermal power stations, as well as the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, and 8 other large-scale power station projects of prefabricated crack and crack propagation experiment. Strive to solve the power crisis in the shortest time. On the other hand, the Vietnamese government has successively issued a series of preferential investment policies and vigorously improved the investment environment, hoping to attract foreign enterprises to invest and build factories in Vietnam and alleviate the pressure on power supply. For example, foreign-invested enterprises can transport all machinery and equipment, office appliances, and raw materials to Vietnam without tariff; The Vietnamese government eased the restrictions on the ratio of foreign investment and allowed foreign investors to hold more than 50% of the equity in joint ventures; Allow wholly foreign-owned enterprises to invest and build factories, etc

Vietnam is also committed to developing new energy. Nuclear power is one of the new energy sources vigorously developed by Vietnam as an effective and sustainable development. The Vietnamese government has approved the strategy for the peaceful use of atomic energy and strives to put the first nuclear power plant into operation and development by 2020. Vietnam's first nuclear power plant is expected to be built in Ninh Thuan Province with a total investment of 3.4 billion US dollars. The plant includes two generating units with a total annual power of 14-15 billion kwh. When it is put into use, it will provide 14-15 billion kwh of power every year. The completion of the plant will be able to meet Vietnam's increasing power demand

the Prime Minister of the Vietnamese government recently approved the overall plan for the sixth phase of Vietnam's power development from 2006 to 2015, encouraging domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the construction of Vietnam's power and power projects. According to the plan, from 2006 to 2015, Vietnam needs to increase the national power by 17 ~ 20% every year to meet the domestic power demand. Therefore, Vietnam must ensure the construction speed of water conservancy and power plants, vigorously develop thermoelectricity, reasonably develop gas and electricity, as well as energy reconstruction projects in remote border areas, and actively cooperate with other countries in the region for AC energy

the preferential investment policies provided by Vietnam and the improvement of the investment environment are conducive to Chinese enterprises' investment in Vietnam. Chinese enterprises need to solve the following problems to develop Vietnam's power market: further expand financing channels; Encourage domestic competent and experienced design units, equipment manufacturers and construction units to form a complete enterprise consortium to jointly participate in market development; Find a good Vietnamese agent, and so on<29~82HR30T/p>

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