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"Global metropolis" International Art Biennale enters Jiajiang to visit the paper town of the Millennium

release date: Source: hometown of Jiajiang

on November 4, the "global metropolis" International Art Biennale came to Jiajiang. Nearly 60 artists from more than 20 countries and regions around the world gathered in Shiyan village, Macun township to communicate with local villagers, so as to expand the participation of the community in the formation of a new rural transformation model. Gongdeqin, Secretary of the county Party committee, and Caidong, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and Minister of publicity, inspected and exchanged ideas together

Gong Deqin welcomes the arrival of artists

during the artist's visit to Shiyan village's historical paintings

activity, county Party Secretary Gong Deqin extended a warm welcome to the arrival of all artists. He said that the Chengdu Pompidou "global city" International Art Biennale was held in Jiajiang, which made the local villagers feel the charm of art. Through cross field, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural discussions and exchanges, artists' ideas and creations have given us a new understanding of art. It is hoped that artists in Jiajiang will bring new vitality to the city through the presentation of artistic works, new aesthetic practices and ideas

artist exchange speech

subsequently, the artist and his party, accompanied by Gong Deloitte, visited the cultural and historical paintings and old photo exhibition in Shiyan village, Macun township. The artists held an exchange discussion around the sharing experiment of rural public space and the strategies to improve the visibility of rural experience

the villagers of Shiyan village warmly welcomed the arrival of the artist

Gong Deqin's speech

artistic performance

at the same time, the artists also watched the artistic performance with the characteristics of Jiajiang paper township as the theme, and the wonderful performance of paper Township Yangko and 72 process manual papermaking, which carried forward the national intangible cultural heritage of Jiajiang bamboo paper making technology, and presented a cultural feast for artists and tourists

the atmosphere was warm

in the activity, the artists carried out a pottery making activity in the playground of Macun primary school, and the villagers also participated in the activity one after another. The atmosphere was warm

historical paintings

International Art Biennale on "global cities"

"cosmopolis" is a platform dedicated to global exhibition and art research practice, which was founded in 2016 by the national art and culture center of pidou in the new era of green development under the pressure of the French environment. It is committed to rooting in a specific context, participating in international dialogue, reflecting on cultural translation and the situational practice of knowledge. "Global cities" focused on the practice of "cooperation and collectivity" in the first two years, and presented the first biennial exhibition of "global cities" at the end of 2017: "collective wisdom" (cosmopolis#1, Pompidou national art and culture center, Paris, France). Chengdu Pompidou: cosmopolis#1.5 is the second large-scale exhibition launched by the platform. It is not only the exhibition practice of the Biennale to explore going out of the art museum and going away from the Art Center, but also the first exhibition practice of Pompidou national art and culture center, as a global important art institution, to "touch the aviation products and services in its business" in Chinese cities

Pompidou national art and culture center

Pompidou national art and culture center

different from general art exhibitions, "global city" is a dynamic exhibition that breaks through the walls of art museums, and puts the whole city in an artistic atmosphere. Based on the existing research of the platform, this Chengdu Pompidou International Art Biennale "global cities" will pay attention to the impact and impact of rapid technological change on contemporary society, pay attention to the spatial relationship between urban and rural areas, and deeply discuss the social and ecological impact, science and technology and public space, contemporary smart city, ecological city reform and other issues related to the digital economy and other technological and cultural transformation. The biennial exhibition will bring together 60 artists and art groups from all over the world, and invite philosophers, sociologists, writers, architects, musicians and other cross-border talents to participate

Pompidou national art and culture center

in addition to the memory grinding plate extruder in the eastern suburbs, which can adjust the combination of grinding plates to adapt to different high filling materials outside the main exhibition hall of the music Park, this event will set up sub exhibition venues in the representative public areas of Chengdu, such as Jincheng lake, and will simultaneously sound in many city landmarks such as Fanmu creative area and Leshan Jiajiang County, and will also hold lectures Intellectual exchange activities such as seminars and dialogues, as well as public educational activities such as art film screenings, music projects, children's art workshops

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