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Shenyang flying ship UV flat-panel inkjet machine international advertising exhibition

at the 15th Beijing International Advertising four new exhibition, at the entrance of the inkjet equipment area, a UV flat-panel inkjet machine attracted countless visitors. How should the positive injection molding industry, which brings this UV flat-panel inkjet machine, seize the opportunity of the period? What is the future direction? How can enterprises transform to realize intelligent manufacturing? Shenyang flying ship digital printing equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as flying ship), a well-known independent R & D enterprise of inkjet printer in China. At this exhibition, the flying ship brought not only this UV flat-panel inkjet machine that attracted countless attention, but also many new and old members of the flying ship family. There are always so many people in front of each product, and there are an endless stream of people asking and negotiating. At this exhibition, HC had the honor to interview Ms. Wang Hui, the general manager of the flying ship, and learned a lot about the stories behind the success of the enterprise

clear positioning and stride forward

in the era of rapid development of inkjet equipment, new products continue to push through the old and bring forth the new. To participate in this market competition, enterprises cannot relax. To win this war, enterprises must have a clear positioning to give full play to their greatest advantages

after so many years of development, the flying ship has considered the direction of the enterprise clearly. Combined with the company's own characteristics, taking product development as the core, it will speed up the improvement of production facilities and adopt the sales mode of walking on multiple legs

the first is R & D. We all know that the inkjet industry is developing rapidly. Since domestic enterprises began to enter the inkjet machine manufacturing field more than a decade ago, at the beginning, domestic enterprises basically adopted the way of imitation and relied on cost advantage to compete. But now foreign products are also reducing prices, and there are more and more domestic products, so innovation is the way out. The flying ship has always been an enterprise focusing on independent research and development. In the spirit of continuous innovation, the flying ship enterprise basically maintains the development speed of upgrading two products every year, launching one new product and developing a new product. The flying chart synchronous double-sided inkjet machine, Panlong asynchronous double-sided high-precision inkjet machine, Tiangong UV flat-panel inkjet machine, 5-meter ultra-high-speed inkjet machine, roller type multifunctional digital printer developed by the flying ship are all examples of inkjet technology

followed by production. In 2008, the company moved to a new site and invested US $3million in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone to build a printing equipment production base covering an area of 10000 square meters and a construction area of 6500 square meters, expanding the entire production facilities and production capacity. In the past, we used to rely on outsourcing processing, which could not guarantee efficiency or quality. Now the cost is getting higher and higher. The purpose of establishing a production base is to expand production capacity, reduce costs, and benefit customers more

finally, the salesperson walks on multiple legs. Now, in addition to selling its own brand flying pictures, flying ships will also do more OEM brands and technology exports

implement the core of research and development, and asynchronous double-sided inkjet painting meets different needs

as a regular guest of the international advertising exhibition, the flying ship keeps coming up with new ideas every time it participates in the exhibition. The purpose is to give customers new concepts and more business ideas, and lead the development of the industry. At the 15th Beijing international advertising exhibition, the flying ship brings asynchronous double-sided high-precision inkjet painting machines

the most famous flying ship has always been the double-sided inkjet product. Previously, we are familiar with the synchronous double-sided inkjet machine. The inkjet medium is wrapped on the front and back two inkjet rollers in an S-shape. The print head works at the same time, and the image alignment accuracy reaches 100%. This is the patented invention technology of the flying ship, so the product price is slightly higher, mainly for high-end professional light box production customers. However, a technology should benefit more people and enterprises. In order to take care of customers who want to use the double-sided inkjet function but have little production capacity, the flying ship launched this asynchronous double-sided high-precision inkjet machine. As the name suggests, asynchronous double-sided inkjet printing is the hybrid of two functions of double-sided printing experimental machine control and data processing to complete the double-sided function. Its core technology is how to ensure the accurate alignment of the two printing. The equipment does not need to install the inkjet medium twice, which greatly increases the alignment accuracy, and accurately locates the starting point of the second inkjet through the sensor. A skilled operator can easily master the process of double-sided inkjet printing, with an error rate of only 5%. This machine will be promoted in the market in the second half of the year

universal digital printing technology leads the field of ink-jet plate making

universal digital printing technology is a digital ink-jet technology that mainly uses UV printing technology and roller type printing structure to work. It is hoped that in the field of silk printing or part of offset printing, it can meet the customer requirements of on-demand printing. This year, we developed a cylinder inkjet plate making machine based on the cylinder printing machine, which reduces the cost of new plastic packaging materials and new technologies, mainly for the needs of film production. If the accuracy is further improved, we can make aluminum plate plate making

inkjet plate making is characterized by low price and environmental protection. At present, laser Phototypesetting is mostly used in plate making, and the price of expensive photographic film is rising. Moreover, the development of film will increase environmental pollution and greatly increase the cost of environmental protection. If the ink-jet plate making method is adopted, the film does not need to be coated with photosensitive glue, and only the ink cost is incurred, and then the plate can be directly dried, which not only saves the cost of about 20 yuan per square meter, but also reduces several processes and reduces environmental pollution. It belongs to the real green manufacturing mode

at present, the development of this product is basically completed, and we hope to complete the commercialization stage and bring it to the market in the second half of this year

make products with society

in the 2008 China's first top ten brand selection of inkjet machines, the flying ship won the Golden Kirin trophy. The enterprises that can win this honor are not simple enterprises, and one of the most important factors is the social contribution of enterprises

at present, the production of flying ships is basically high-end products. Although the sales of high-end products are not necessarily very large in volume, enterprises have encountered complaints and puzzles along the way, but they have insisted. This does not mean that the flying ship is unable to produce low-end products, because everyone has his own pursuit, and doing well is also a requirement for himself. Looking at the global inkjet machine market, 80% of the products below $20000 are made in China, but there are not many Chinese manufacturers in the high-end product market. Nowadays, madeinchina is often labeled with the concept of cheap and inferior products. In order to truly make a Chinese brand in the international market, we still need to make more achievements in the high-end market, tell foreign customers that made in China will also be high-quality products, and participate in the competition in the world market with products with more technical content and brand content is the foundation of enterprise survival

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