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The most advanced international power transmission technology settled in Ma'anshan

according to the Provincial Department of science and technology, Ma'anshan Technology Transfer Center recently successfully transferred the static var generator (SVG) project of Zhejiang University to Ma'anshan MCC Huatian Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., so that our province has the most advanced third-generation power quality management technology in the world and the aging experiment

svg is an internationally advanced third-generation power quality management technology developed in recent years. It can greatly improve the active power transmission capacity in the power system, so as to achieve stable voltage control within a given range and improve the power quality of the system. This technology can be widely used in modern electric power, metallurgy, mining, electrified transportation, effective installation, chemical industry and other fields, with great market potential. At present, only a few countries in the world, such as China, the United States, Germany, Japan and Switzerland, have the ability to manufacture such equipment

MCC Huatian has many years of R & D and design experience in the field of power quality management technology, has a high-quality talent team and production R & D base for R & D, design and manufacturing, and has strong ability to transform scientific and technological achievements and industrialization. The low-voltage reactive power dynamic compensation device successfully developed by the company this year has obtained national patents, and the design and manufacturing of high-voltage filter has always been in the leading position in China. Zhejiang University has excellent experimental and research conditions, such as the national professional laboratory of power electronics technology and the National Engineering Research Center of power electronics application technology, which use cheaper resins as expansion layers. This time, the combination with Zhejiang University usually adopts trapezoidal screw instead of ball screw, which will further enhance the core competitiveness of MCC Huatian in the field of power quality management technology and promote the improvement of power quality management technology in China. It is expected to enter the trial production of SVG prototype by the end of this year

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