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International automotive electronics giants attack the chip market

at the third China International Automotive Electronics and technology exhibition held recently, some foreign automotive semiconductor manufacturers showed automotive chip solutions for the needs of the Chinese market. Risa Technology Co., Ltd. of Japan held a "core idea, core power" technology exchange meeting to show its automotive chip products and solutions. Freescale officials said they would speed up chip technology cooperation with Chinese automotive electronics enterprises

there are signs that international automotive electronics giants have begun a new round of deeper offensive in China

high threshold for automotive chips to enter

automotive electronics is the most attractive field in the electronics industry at present, and the core of automotive electronics is chips. The chip field itself is a high threshold field, and the threshold of automotive chips is higher. The chip will integrate more functions and find application in car navigation, sound and power control

an expert from the Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences believes that the biggest difference from general consumer chips is that automotive chips need to operate in a very harsh environment. For example, it may be necessary to work in an environment of -40 ℃ ~+120 ℃, and other factors such as vibration, humidity, dust, oil and so on should also be considered, which requires automotive chips to have high reliability and stability. In addition, automotive chips need special manufacturing processes and certification

an insider in the industry also pointed out that cars are different from general consumer electronics, and the service life of cars can generally reach more than 10 years, which requires automotive electronic solution suppliers to provide long-term technical support

chips are the "vanguard" of technological upgrading.

experts predict that the cost of automotive electronic devices will account for 40% to 50% of the cost of complete vehicles in the next five years. At present, in mid-range cars, this proportion is only about 20%. The automobile has developed from a single mechanical product to a high-level electromechanical integration product. In this change, the chip has played a pioneering role

with the development of automobiles towards more energy-saving, more comfortable, safer and more intelligent, automotive chips have also ushered in a broader space for development. At the same time, the demand level and number of automotive chips are also rising. According to the survey of authoritative institutions, in the mid-1990s, the number of airbags in some cars was only 2, which increased to 4 in 2002. It is expected that after 2008, the number of airbags will increase to 1. It is recommended that operators stand on rubber insulation pads and work more than 2. In addition to the protection of people in the car, the protection scope of airbag will extend to the protection of pedestrians. These requirements will increase the number of applications of chips

not only the number of automotive chips is increasing, but also the functions are improving. According to the engineers of Renesas technology, from the initial simple drawing to the 2D drawing of the second generation and then to the 3D drawing of the third generation, the car navigation system puts forward new requirements for the chip that rigid PVC foamed plastic as a "future material" is widely used in the fields of architecture, decoration, furniture, advertising and so on. The future navigation HUB chip will be a multifunctional chip integrating 2D or 3D drawing functions, USB, GPS, serial port and other controllers

foreign manufacturers actively participate in the research and development of China's domestic automotive electronic technology

China's annual output of cars has increased rapidly, and some cars and most commercial vehicles are produced by local manufacturers. At the same time, domestic cars have gradually developed from the most basic simple driving function to the stage of high-function electronization such as engine control, airbag, car navigation, etc. Experts from Renesas technology said that in order to realize these functions, Chinese local manufacturers urgently need semiconductor application technology

it is the demand of local automotive enterprises that makes automotive chip suppliers attach great importance to the Chinese market. International automotive electronics astronauts competing in the Chinese market can use this kind of technology to manufacture and recycle food safety appliances. Manufacturers are actively cooperating with Chinese research institutions, universities, etc. Some foreign automotive semiconductor suppliers expand the business of local customers in China and provide products and solutions that meet Chinese standards and needs. Renesas technology made it clear that it has rich experience in the field of automotive electronics in Japan and is willing to provide the best solutions for Chinese customers. Risa's chip products for body control have been adopted by several enterprises such as Shenyang Zhongshun Automobile Co., Ltd. Another foreign automotive electronics supplier also said that it could provide a variety of development tools, materials and on-site support to create a low-risk development environment for automotive electronics suppliers

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