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Fuyang's printing industry competes for the future from the dominance of state-owned enterprises to the consolidation of the market, from the outflow of local business to attracting foreign customers, from disorder to differentiated competition. In recent years, the changes in the printing industry in Fuyang have not attracted the attention of many outsiders, but each progress it has made has become a ladder for the growth of the whole industry. It has been learned recently that at present, the printing industry in our city has entered a new growth period, a large number of competitive enterprises are emerging, and the most powerful packaging and printing base in Northwest Anhui has taken shape

at present, Fuyang City has nearly 100 printing enterprises of various types. Under the impact of the market economy, the basic framework of the printing industry has been formed after a reshuffle. The state-run Fuyang printing general factory went bankrupt and auctioned in 2003. On the basis of it, Fuyang Bense Printing Co., Ltd. was established. After integrating resources, it entered Yingquan District Logistics Industrial Park in 2004, built a 2200 square meter production workshop, introduced advanced equipment, and characterized by high-quality color printing, high-end packaging, award cards, calendar production and printing. It has entered a transitional stage of growth; Jinhui printing is characterized by the printing of tax tickets and cigarette labels; Jindu Color Printing Co., Ltd. acquired land in the development zone to establish a new plant, which is characterized by the production of pharmaceutical packaging products; Minhui color printing is characterized by the production of beer cases and packaging; Hongyang color printing group is characterized by special iron box printing and wood box printing. It is well-known both inside and outside Anhui Province and has strong competitiveness; Yu's color printing is characterized by Gravure plastic printing, which has certain competitive strength in the surrounding areas of Fuyang; Jieshou Education printing factory features high-speed commercial rotary machine, printing newspapers, office supplies and student supplies. The product structure of the above pillar printing enterprises has its own characteristics, so as to avoid homogenization, competition in the same region, and go beyond the dilemma of "price cutting and hard work". Driven by the upward overall economy of Fuyang City, it will obtain a broader development space

in the past, because the equipment, technical level and process capacity of local printing enterprises could not meet the requirements of customers, most of the printing businesses of color printing packaging and exquisite products went to other places. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 1billion yuan of printing business in Fuyang City flows out to Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Wuxi, Jiangyin, Hefei, Xuzhou and other places every year. Although some enterprises have begun to attract large-scale foreign orders, this situation has not fundamentally changed. How many of the printing materials used by the surrounding distilleries, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, garment factories and government departments are processed by printing enterprises in Fuyang City? How many desk calendars and wall calendars sent by the government, banks, insurance companies and other departments each year are produced by printing enterprises in Fuyang in addition to a large number of standard courses

in addition, the current printing enterprises are more small-scale when doing experiments. Last year, the printing industry in Fuyang completed an output value of 220million yuan, only 1.83% of the 12billion yuan in Cangnan County, Wenzhou. It can be seen that the market potential for packaging, commercial printing, books and periodicals printing, ticket printing and special printing in our city is large

Shenyong, vice president of the municipal Printing Association, said that it can be said that the more developed the economy is, the more abundant the commodities are, the higher the requirements for the quality of commodity packaging will be. The processing industry in Fuyang City is gradually growing up with a capital of less than 15 yuan, which will drive the synchronous development of the printing industry in Fuyang City and form a situation of mutual promotion. At present, Fuyang printing industry has established the strategic goal of building a powerful packaging and printing base in Northwest Anhui, which is most likely to affect the detection difference of equipment in the operation process, and has inserted wings leading to all corners of the world for the take-off of manufacturing and export processing industry

it is learned that the printing equipment owned by the printing enterprises in Fuyang City has approached the world's advanced level. There are world-class Heidelberg printing machines, German Roland machines, as well as domestic machines and advanced printing equipment. The technical ability is also constantly improving. Through strict process management, many employees have been able to produce products with extremely complex processes. In addition to the relatively low labor cost, the printing enterprises can fully serve the local market and meet the needs of customers due to the relatively low operating cost of receiving orders locally and producing locally. With the overall development of local economy, the future of Fuyang printing industry will be more beautiful

(source: fengqijun, Fuyang)

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