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Beijing's printing industry should also have a sense of being ahead of its time. At the recently concluded Shenzhen Cultural Expo, huangzhongwei, vice chairman of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, said that Shenzhen's creative design industry, animation and game industry, modern printing industry, arts and crafts industry, and even education and training industry have adopted a centralized space development model. Huang also said that he would select powerful and large-scale cultural enterprises to enable Shenzhen to quickly form a cultural center. This statement may make people who cast their eyes on Shenzhen as a cultural desert look sideways. Dr. fangxingdong, founder of the blog China, once mentioned in the article "the loss of ZhongGuanCun" that after entering the 21st century, Zhongguancun, once an absolute scientific and technological town (or center) in China, has rapidly declined, has completely lost its former position, and is still under the continuous impact of many urban science and technology intensive belts. A very obvious example is, Sina, which attracted attention in the first Internet wave, has registered its headquarters in Shanghai and moved away from Zhongguancun

although packaging and decoration and other printing are regarded as encouraged investment industries in the Beijing Cultural and creative industry investment guidance catalogue issued by Beijing, allowing non-public capital to enter the packaging and decoration printing field, according to lichangrong, deputy director of the printing and reproduction Department of the Beijing Publishing Bureau, relevant enterprises in Beijing do not have the awareness of cultural and creative industries, and he cited the large proportion of such enterprises in the printing and packaging enterprises, To illustrate the great potential. This statement is thought-provoking. Great potential = development? At the Sichuan book fair not long ago, among the 21 Book Varieties sampled by relevant departments in China, 9 books of 8 enterprises were unqualified, which was regarded by the president of Beijing Printing Association as losing Beijing's face. The quality of Beijing's printing industry once again turned red, and the output value of Beijing's printing industry was less than 1/3 of that of Shenzhen

in Shenzhen, a special economic zone oriented by an export-oriented economy in the past, Li Yundi even let the municipal Japanese catalyst increase the production capacity of acrylic resin for optical materials. The city of design has long been a fact. The author once measured the change of indentation size before and after the experiment, calculated the wear amount, and persuaded a young designer to develop in the capital with a strong cultural flavor in addition to the local environmental protection requirements, He replied in bewilderment: why do you want to go to Beijing? Is the salary in Beijing higher than that in Shenzhen? Do you know how many designers there are in Shenzhen

the best place to do good should never be a slogan. There are elites and the eight banners at the foot of the emperor. The children of the eight banners have ruined the glory of their ancestors. Now, Beijing is facing the opportunities of cultural and creative industries and the Olympic economy. The printing industry should go straight ahead, develop rapidly with a sense of advance, a sound talent appointment and incentive system, and the spirit of immediate action. Being arrogant and complacent is the next child of the eight banners

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