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The printing industry in Heshan City, Guangdong Province has helped the economy maintain a high level of operation. Recently, it was learned from the relevant statistical departments of Heshan City that under the situation of slowing down international and domestic economic development this year, the economy of Heshan City has maintained a high level of operation, and various economic indicators have maintained rapid growth. Among them, the added value of industries above Designated Size, the general budget revenue of local finance, and the growth rate of foreign trade exports rank first in Jiangmen City, Among them, the contribution of loose printing industry is quite outstanding

it is reported that from January to September this year, the GDP of Heshan City increased by 13.8%, and the general budget revenue of local finance reached 609million yuan, an increase of 31.71%, ranking first in Jiangmen City. So far, the general budget revenue of the local finance of the city has maintained an increase of more than 30% for 19 consecutive months, providing a basis for the city to maintain the continuous growth of financial expenditure on improving people's livelihood

in the first three quarters, Heshan's industries above designated size must have a low post fracture elongation, with an added value of 4.497 billion yuan, an increase of 21.55%, ranking No. 1 in Jiangmen City. China Zhongwang has continuously launched high value-added aluminum processing products. It is reported that the high growth rate of Heshan's industry is mainly due to the steady growth of the city's enterprises with more than 100 million yuan, and a number of new large-scale enterprises. With the increase of large-scale enterprises, Heshan City has accelerated the adjustment of industrial structure, and the development momentum of industrial clusters is good. In addition, in June, Heshan City cultivated a batch of specialized talents worth 1.08 billion US dollars, an increase of 29%, ranking first in Jiangmen. According to the analysis of local customs, this is because Heshan's foreign trade export has been preliminarily transformed and upgraded, and printing, electromechanical and high-tech have become the troika driving the rapid growth of Heshan's foreign trade export

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