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Indonesia: the printing industry plays an important role

in the 1970s, there were about 1700 printing companies out of about 15000 companies registered in the Ministry of industry of Indonesia. Today, there are about 27000 printing companies in Indonesia, of which 6424 are members of the Indonesian printing and Media Association (formerly the main printing press association)

small printing companies account for 82%

medium printing companies account for 11%

large printing companies account for 7%. 21000 printing companies are dependent on imports. As the world's fifth largest country with a population of 235million, the development speed of China's printing industry is not as fast as that of other neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. China's printing industry still relies heavily on imports of printing equipment, plates, inks and various chemicals required for printing

with the content supply you should pay attention to from more than 83 factories in Indonesia, newspapers, packaging paper and writing paper can achieve self-sufficiency

the importance of the printing industry

in a stable economic environment, the Chinese government is very serious and attaches great importance to the development planning of the printing industry in the next 25 years. Under this background, Chinese leaders have fully realized the important role of the printing industry in maintaining sustainable economic development, education and cultural heritage. In the 1950s, the printing industry played an important role in the process of Indonesia's independence in 1945, and became one of the five major industries in Indonesia in the 1950s

the relationship between the printing industry and the paper industry

the growth of the printing industry is closely related to the pulp and paper industry. They have contributed to the development of this industry to this day

overview of pulp and paper industry development


although more and more people and industries try to advocate continuous reduction of paper consumption (to cope with the environmental problem of paper shortage), for a developing country like Indonesia, China's paper consumption is growing rapidly year by year. In 2005, the average household paper consumption in China was 24 kg/year. Compared with 56 kg/year in Malaysia, the average household paper consumption of replaceable metal as structural material in the United States was as high as 300 kg/year. We can see that Indonesia's printing industry still has great room for growth

next steps

enhance competitiveness

good after-sales service

better understand the market

shrewdly and technically fully support the industry

provide appropriate equipment and supplies

work closely with the association

overview of the development of the printing industry

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