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The printing industry in Europe and the United States has excess capacity of more than 40%

the printing industry is one of the major global industries, which is affected by a variety of global factors, and these factors have also attracted global attention. These factors have had and will continue to have an important impact on the development of the printing industry. In the short and medium term, the number of global printers will continue to decrease due to mergers and acquisitions between companies and the existence of obsolete companies


as the printing industry is scattered in developed countries around the world, the whole industry is greatly affected by overcapacity. In the past few years, small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe and the United States, even large enterprises, have suffered from attrition and bankruptcy to varying degrees, but the situation of overcapacity is still intensifying. In addition, new printers are emerging in China, the Middle East and emerging European countries. The proportion of investment in new technologies is particularly high due to lower daily operating costs and higher returns. These investments of printers from other countries will affect Europe and show an increasing trend every year, and the market leading position of the United States

at present, the printing industry in Europe and the United States has at least 40% overcapacity. This overcapacity directly affects the industry profits, forcing enterprises to seek other ways to improve efficiency, such as stepping into multiple market areas or niche markets, or developing new markets through mergers and acquisitions with other companies

in addition, overcapacity also forces printers to improve efficiency by continuously reducing costs, resulting in overcapacity or capacity reduction in other businesses

economic environment

the economic environment has an important impact on the printing industry from many aspects. For example, the economic environment has a great impact on investment; The economic environment not only affects the advertising expenditure, but also affects all printing products; The level of disposable income has an important impact on commercial printing and traditional printing; Minor changes in the global economic environment will have a series of important impacts; Rising costs erode profit margins; Strong performance of global currencies, etc

the most important factor affecting economic growth is the commercial street, and the consumer expenditure has hardly increased this year. In addition, with the rapid development of online sales, the change from physical stores to online shopping means that the demand for printing products is reduced. This is consistent with the research findings: when the load applied to the test piece is proportional to the swing angle of the internal pendulum of the machine, it affects traditional printing and digital printing. The growth of the application of electronic POS materials will bring innovation to the sales model of retail physical stores

new technology and innovation speed

the rapid development of new technology is one of the important factors affecting the global printing industry. While improving production efficiency, printers can also provide new products for their customers, so as to ensure that these enterprises are ahead of their competitors

digital printing is the most important invention after offset printing. The digital printing press has been on the market since 1995, so the digital printing technology is no longer a newborn baby. As more companies see the advantages of digital printing in improving productivity and reducing costs, the size of the digital printing market is also growing rapidly. Digital printing is seizing the market share of traditional printing and can identify the composition of materials. The main competitive advantage is to reduce costs

the development of waterless printing is equally important, but it is not as prominent as digital printing in reducing the overall cost

another cost reducing factor is the use of single fluid inks

other technological innovations aimed at improving productivity and reducing costs also include the development of new paper

the launch of the printing station enables printers to bid, and printing enterprises can carry out business through the global station, which improves the production efficiency in terms of time management


legislate global laws and regulations on packaging waste/waste management strategies

climate change tax new energy tax levied on enterprises

energy and fuel costs rise by more than 20% annually

iso14001 certification has the advantage of reducing the cost by lowering the experimental data calculation and analysis function with low energy consumption. It is also an economic stimulus, including tax, payment and trade license

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