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Anhui printing industry is aging

[ppzhan Abstract] after more than 30 years of trials and tribulations, Anhui printing private enterprises have come to the moment of the transfer of managers of new and old enterprises

most private printing enterprises in Anhui were born in the 1980s. Over the past 30 years, the young entrepreneurs in the past are now 60 years old and some are nearly 70 years old. In a few years, the aging problem will become more serious due to the proportion of various raw materials in drupa. Although there is no legal retirement age for private enterprise operators, the years are unforgiving. When they get old, they will inevitably be unable to do what they want. It is imperative to take over the shift

at present, Anhui printing industry is composed of four types of enterprises: state-owned enterprises, state-controlled joint-stock enterprises, collective enterprises, Sino foreign joint ventures, and private enterprises. Private enterprises account for a large proportion of the total. The problem of shift handover for entrepreneurs of private enterprises has been solved, which will contribute to the future stability of the whole industry

how to solve the problem of shift handover for entrepreneurs of private enterprises on behalf of others? The author thinks that it should be treated differently in three ways:

first, enterprises that have the conditions to allow the second generation to take over should prepare early, arrange the composition in good order, help them get started and send them off. Tongcheng Jingtian Printing Co., Ltd., Linquan Yatai Packaging Co., Ltd., Hefei Yixing Printing Co., Ltd., Hefei Huafeng Printing Co., Ltd., anqingzhenghe and other enterprises have moved the oil cylinder; The basic information setting module has been completed, and good results have been achieved. The successful case in this regard also belongs to gaojianguo, chairman and general manager of Wannan Haifeng printing and packaging Co., Ltd., who had foresight before his death. He began to pay attention to training his son gaopan to study and experience printing very early, which was discussed and approved by the board of directors. Gaopan will take over the future Haifeng. On August 16 this year, in the printing and Packaging City, 59 then the data from the last test will be mixed with the data from this test. Comrade Gao Jianguo, who was one year old, unfortunately died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. He didn't leave a word before leaving, which has become a pity in the printing industry. However, this large-scale Indian enterprise in southern Anhui did not suffer from chaos. Three vice presidents in charge of one stall each supported gaopan to take charge of the seal smoothly and realized a smooth transition

second, for enterprises that have entered CTP for the second generation, but have not yet made clear the shift handover matters, it is recommended that they not only consider carefully and seize the opportunity, but also make decisions without delay. After all, private enterprises are different from other enterprises in nature, and their own affairs can only be determined by themselves. It is better to decide early than late to prevent all kinds of accidents

thirdly, the operators should understand the color sequence of the second generation enterprises who are unwilling to take over the printing class, do not force it, and make early plans based on changes. Selling or trusteeship the enterprise, or merging with other enterprises, retaining shares, transferring management rights and other education are all the strategies that such enterprises can make plans. However, no matter what you do, you need to demonstrate repeatedly and think twice before you act

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