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Jinzhou: before the printing industry Festival, it triggered a war of customers

"low price, the lowest price in the city, starting with one printing, more preferential for more than 10000 copies", which is the slogan of a printing enterprise in Jinzhou that will be small by 2020. It is understood that near the Spring Festival, the number of brochures or promotional materials printed by commercial enterprises and training centers in Jinzhou has increased significantly. In order to compete for more customers, Jinzhou printing enterprises have begun to "shopping" on services and prices

a training center in Jinzhou City has printed leaflets for the second time after the new year's day. However, many utilization and product design adopt bars affected by shear stress and distribute them at the school gate. According to the woman who distributed the leaflets, she could send out thousands of leaflets a day, and every time the students were about to have a holiday, the training center printed the most leaflets. A small printing enterprise in Jinzhou saw that the product promotion leaflets of several commercial enterprises were printed here, and the printing volume was large and the requirements were urgent. A person in charge of the printing enterprise told that before the Spring Festival, when they are busiest, there is no need to participate manually. If they do not strive to compete with their peers at this time, it will affect the business of the year

it is understood that there are more and more small and medium-sized printing enterprises in Jinzhou, and the printing equipment is gradually upgraded. It used to be red, but now it is all available. "Liu Zhongfan emphasized the multi-color offset press, laser typesetting and copper plate printing. This has increased the intensity of competition. The huge market in the printing field of Jinzhou has forced printing enterprises to "compete" in terms of service and price

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