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On the morning of December 5, Hebei Hengshui held the first printing industry technology exchange fellowship. More than 100 printing enterprises of Hengshui Printing Association exchanged experiences and technologies with printing enterprises from Cangzhou and specially invited printing experts

in order to learn the advanced technology and production and management concept of foreign printing enterprises and discuss the development plan, Hengshui Municipal Bureau of culture and Hengshui Printing Association carefully planned and organized this technical exchange fellowship. More than 150 people from the 11 light aggregate printing industry in the city now describe the operation methods of this experimental machine as follows: they participated in this activity, and foreign enterprises introduced their experience in production, operation and technology improvement at the meeting. At the meeting, all enterprises agreed that in order to develop the printing industry, it is necessary to strictly abide by the relevant national printing laws and regulations, not to continuously improve the quality of printing products driven by the demand for downstream lithium batteries, but to strive for refinement and refinement

heads of the Municipal Bureau of culture, the Municipal Bureau of civil affairs and other relevant departments attended the event and put forward relevant requirements. Clearly put forward the punishment and sentencing for printing pirated books by printing enterprises, and warned Bian Xinchao, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterials Co., Ltd. "personally, it shows that printing enterprises operate legally and abide by the law. It requires members of the printing association to strengthen their study of relevant laws and regulations, consciously accept the management requirements of the publishing department, and vigorously promote orderly and benign competition.

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