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Chinese style decoration is integrated with the characteristics of Chinese traditional architectural furniture, giving people a sense of dignity, elegance and atmosphere. With the popularity of ancient costumes in the Republic of China drama in recent years, more and more people tend to decorate their homes in Chinese style. Many people don't know the characteristics of Chinese style. The following editor will introduce the characteristics of Chinese style decoration, let's have a look

spatial characteristics

the spatial pattern of Chinese decoration style pays attention to the level, and likes to use partition windows, screens, etc. to divide. Solid wood is used to make a solid frame to fix the support, and lattice carvings are used in the middle to make a simple pattern

furniture characteristics

Chinese decoration furniture materials are mostly wood, and they pay attention to symmetry when placed, and pay attention to cultural implications

decoration characteristics

accessories are generally good at using antiques Calligraphy and painting, scrolls, bonsai, etc. calligraphy and painting are generally traditional Chinese paintings, and the patterns are mostly dragon, Phoenix, lion, etc.

characteristics of doors and windows

Chinese doors and windows are generally made of lattice or other Chinese traditional patterns, carved into various theme shapes with solid wood, polished smooth, full of three-dimensional sense

screens, calligraphy and painting, etc. are common elements in Chinese decoration, because pure Chinese decoration lacks modern flavor, Now the common Chinese style is a new Chinese style that integrates the characteristics of modern home furnishings. At the same time, Xiaobian reminded that Chinese decoration style is generally more expensive, so you must consider your budget when deciding

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