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"Stores" and "electricity" help each other, and fully realize the ecological platform of the whole industrial chain of sanitary ware

on July 26, China netbank launched a "Teng plan" - specialized and new e-commerce application talent training meeting for small and medium-sized enterprises in China (Shuikou) sanitary ware Expo City, with the participation of representatives of the marketing department of China (Shuikou) sanitary ware Expo City. The meeting was presided over by two professional technicians from China netbank. It mainly talked about the e-commerce application of specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly focusing on "single Pintong", and also announced on the spot the preferential policies that will be enjoyed by merchants stationed in Weibo city

China (Shuikou) sanitary ware Expo City is a large-scale industrial comprehensive service powerful business district with the mode of "modern business dynamic + global Expo Exhibition + design and development + global procurement platform + Industrial Finance", which fully realizes the ecological platform of the whole sanitary ware industry chain. Under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, "shanpintong" is one of the core products under the "Teng plan" project implemented by China e-commerce integrated innovation industry service alliance and China netlibrary. It is also an online marketing tool for all manufacturing enterprises and product traders created by China netlibrary. The strong cooperation between Weibo city and webank is even more powerful

as the partner of this project, all merchants stationed in Weibo city can enjoy the project service of "single Pintong". Webinar will set up a special area of Weibo city on the website. Weibo city can not only publish the latest activity information for the settled brands on the home page, but also the settled merchants can display in the special area and enjoy various efficient and convenient special promotion services

first, help the settled merchants open a single Pintong online store and wechat online store for free, provide wechat official account operation services for brands, and help merchants build online shopping malls

second, provide professional e-commerce talent training for businesses stationed free of charge, keep pace with the times and develop in an all-round way

third, merchants can not only display their brands in o2o exhibition halls across the country, but also participate in offline single product fairs, accurate customer groups, and quickly promote offline transactions

fourth, the settled merchants can also obtain the supply chain financial services provided by the online library to avoid the shortage of funds and assist the normal operation of the brand

China (Shuikou) sanitary ware Expo City makes use of the huge product platform and systematic planning and management, and the professional Internet optimization technology of China net library. Buyers or suppliers of products all over the country can quickly search and query the product quotation of the brand on the Internet, eliminating the tedious on-site investigation, increasing the brand exposure, efficiently playing the role of seamless connection between online and offline, and bringing huge economic benefits to the brand, This is a rare opportunity to kill many birds with one stone. What are you hesitating about with such a strong preferential policy




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