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Mr. Li, a citizen, has just completed the decoration of his 126 square meter house. After the decoration, Mr. Li has a new understanding of the use of paving materials. Marble, ceramic tile and wood floor are used at home. You may wish to share with us the new experience of these three

marble is the best way to decorate the wall. Apart from maintaining the maximum brightness, the wall is not easy to pollute and is easier to clean than the ground. In addition, when marble is used for paving, its thickness plus the thickness of cement often exceeds 40 mm, which virtually reduces the space of the house. The paving of ceramic tiles is the most time-consuming and laborious in the family. All the sand, cement and glue bought are transported upstairs with extra freight. The floor tile installation fee of 55 yuan per square meter was unexpected. Usually, the tiles are only delivered downstairs, and I have to pay extra handling fees. I personally moved the unused tiles to the store to return them. In fact, the simplest is the wooden floor, which can be installed simply by handling the ground. Only 18-20 mm above the ground. It is equivalent to an increase of 20mm in the clear height of the house. The installation cost of Mr. Li's wooden floor is included in the price of the floor. The hall and bedroom are paved with a total of 72 square meters. Two workers, one day. According to the calculation of the decoration company, the loss of marble is 30%, ceramic tile is 10%, and wood floor is 5%. Marble is noble and highly decorative. Ceramic tiles are good for use in the balcony bathroom, and wood floors are good for use in the hall and bedroom. It's warm and feels good. I feel it's the best choice for cost performance





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