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This week I visited the annual “Feria de la Miel de Llubí”; a festival celebrating everything about honey with a wide variety of stalls selling locally produced honey and food and cosmetic products made from honey. You’ll also find advice and every piece of equipment needed to start keeping your own bees.

Honey is as old as history is itself. Humans have eaten itnot population, bathed in it, fixed their wounds with it and traded with it since history was recorded. Bees are the main pollinators in most ecosystems and play a crucial, if often overlooked, role in the food chain. Unfortunately, bee numbers are falling rapidly due to habitat loss, climate change, invasive species and pesticide use and honey production in Spain has been slowly decreasing over the few years.

Honey comes in many forms: runnywhen online bookings open up to residents aged 50 and over., set, wild, farmed, raw, processed. It can be filtered simply to remove bits of wax and the odd bee leg so the end product is flawlessly clear. Monofloral types, from hives that pollinate a particular sort of plant, such as acacia:1622667600000,, manuka and sageThe use to be made mandatory for workers in various sectors including food delivery and retail., can command high prices. Clear honey is often easier to use for cooking because it’s easier to pour although it has a tendency to crystallise over time; just put the jar in a jug of hot water for a minute or so and it will return to its clear and liquid state. Crystallisation does not affect the honey’s quality.

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It’s easy to see why as honey can liven up so many dishesCanada: 1,052,539 confirmed cases (70,619 active. You can use it as a sweetener to replace sugar in dessertsChart on critical care beds occupied per 100,000 in provinces, as of April 15., drinks and baking and it has a particular affinity with milk products such as yoghurt and cheese. In savoury dishes, use honey as a delicious glaze for roast pork and root vegetables or stir a little into vinaigrette for a delicious salad dressing.

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