The world paint market will reach 28.2 million in

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In 2007, the scale of the world coating market will reach 28.2 million tons

the rapid development of the coating market in the Asia Pacific region and other emerging regions in recent years has driven the rapid growth of the global coating market. Since last year, major paint manufacturers are accelerating the expansion of production capacity in these regions by acquiring local enterprises or investing in repurchasing joint venture shares. Freedo in the United States is an important period for the plastic processing industry to change from big to strong. According to the latest research report of NIA consulting, the world coating market demand will reach 28.2 million tons in 2007, with a market value of more than 83 billion. The coating market demand in the Asia Pacific region, especially China and India, will continue to grow at a high speed. Many manufacturers said they would continue to expand production capacity

the report predicts that the demand in the Asia Pacific region will maintain rapid growth, with an average annual growth rate of 4.5% per year before 2007, when the demand will reach 8.9 million tons. The Chinese market will become the main body of demand growth in the Asia Pacific region, which is mini, and has surpassed Japan to become the largest paint demand market in Asia. In addition, India, South Korea and Taiwan, China province of China will also maintain strong growth, especially the demand for building related coatings will grow the most

eddonnelly, vice president of DuPont paint and pigment technology, said that the growth rate of coating market demand in North America and Europe is not expected to be higher than that of GDP, but the growth rate of coating market demand in Asia, especially China and India, may be 2-3 times that of GDP, and the demand for automotive and architectural coatings is the largest

rainerblair, vice president of BASF's global automotive OEM coatings and North American coatings business, said that the demand for automotive coatings in emerging markets such as the Asia Pacific region is undergoing a period of rapid development, and the demand for automotive coatings in Asia and Eastern Europe will continue to grow at a double-digit rate. BASF is starting to transform and expand the existing automotive coating production facilities in Shanghai, China and Mangalore, India, and plans to expand capacity at other production plants in Asia to meet market demand

DuPont is currently implementing a number of paint related projects in China. Last year, it completed the acquisition of the shares of Beijing DuPont Red Lion joint venture and DuPont Changchun paint factory. DuPont's shares in Beijing DuPont Red Lion joint venture increased from 60% to 76%, while its shares in spring DuPont paint factory have accounted for 100%. DuPont recently signed a land lease agreement in Jiading, Shanghai, and plans to build an automobile maintenance coating factory

in addition, PPG company completed the capacity expansion projects in Tianjin and Suzhou electrical coating and liquid coating plants in February this year; Aksu company, which has built eight production plants in China with paint sales of 373million US dollars, built new plants in Jiashan, Zhejiang and Tianjin last year to produce coil paint, special plastic and wood paint; Rohm & Haas has announced that it plans to invest US $30million to build a research and development center in Shanghai high tech park, which will replace the original Rohm & Haas Greater China Technology Center in Shanghai

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