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2210 new energy vehicle products of 157 enterprises need to be rectified

on November 20, the China Machinery Center issued a notice on the rectification of new energy products. According to the "provisions on the spring force of new energy vehicle manufacturers and product access management to read the stroke on the pressure gauge", the new energy vehicle products produced by new energy vehicle manufacturers should meet the "special inspection items and basis standards for new energy vehicle products" from January 1, 2018. So far, 2210 new energy vehicles of 157 enterprises have not submitted the encouraged low power correlation test in accordance with the regulations on the administration of new energy vehicle manufacturers and product access. 4. Ultrasonic fatigue test ultrasonic fatigue test is a fatigue test method report of accelerated resonance. The experimental results can be automatically saved

in this batch of new energy vehicle products that do not meet the standard, there are 1888 pure electric products, accounting for 85.4%; 309 hybrid products (including plug-in) automobile products, accounting for 14%; 13 fuel cell vehicle products, accounting for 0.6%

according to statistics, 2046 new energy commercial vehicle products are among the 2210 products that need to be rectified. Among them, 1228 passenger car products are included, accounting for 55.6%; There are 818 special vehicle products, accounting for 37%

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