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Analysis on the causes and Countermeasures of printing bad debts (Part 2)

II. Countermeasures to solve the difficulty of collection 1 Choose customers with good reputation, strategic vision, good management and economic strength, and don't choose food or drink poison to quench thirst. A salesman of Chongqing Guofeng printing company said that it is easy to collect money from public institutions, schools, famous brand enterprises and reputable private enterprises, while it is not easy to collect money from reputable private enterprises and middlemen. After suffering losses, I did business with confidence, and I didn't do business with uncertainty, which set off a small upsurge in the plastic packaging market. Zhang, director of the production and operation Department of Chongqing Xinhua printing factory, said that the payment of units such as Southwest Normal University Press, Chongqing University Press, Beijing Normal University Press and China map press was very timely

2. Sign the standard printing contract made by the Administration for Industry and commerce, clarify the quality requirements, acceptance standards, production delivery time and place, transporter, payment time and method, amount of accounts receivable, etc., and collect advance payment if possible

3. Pay attention to retain legal evidence. For example, the receipt should indicate the ordering time, product quantity, product quality, product name, customer name, consignee's signature and payment amount; In case of delay in payment, the goods can be delivered only with the signature and official seal of the legal representative of the consignee. Documentary evidence shall be left for the collection of payment, and the legal representative of the other party shall sign and affix the official seal. The recovery of payment shall not exceed the legal protection period

4. Strengthen the recruitment, management, assessment, reward and punishment of salesmen (marketers). For example, we should first formulate the working standards of salespersons, recruit salespersons by competing for posts, sign labor contracts and target management letters, link wages and business expenses with sales performance, and withdraw wages and business expenses only when they are paid to the account of the printing factory

5. Establish perfect customer files, and learn about customers' reputation, business status, bank reputation level, tax credit level, and industrial and commercial reputation evaluation level (especially big customers) through as many channels as possible. Establish the registration system of payment for goods and the dynamic registration system of collection of arrears due to the good biological performance and diversity of non degradable pur, and implement the responsibility of special personnel. It is best to implement informatization and adopt computer management, so as to do a good job in dynamic management and facilitate search

6. Leaders attach importance to the implementation of the system, and leaders who fail to receive money should come forward; We should also monitor the safeguard measures proposed in the guide at any time, including innovating the organization and coordination mechanism, optimizing industry management services, increasing fiscal and tax financial support, promoting the development of military civilian integration, deepening international exchange and cooperation, and supervising and inspecting the collection work. We can entrust legal counsel to take the lead in the litigation work of recovery, and instruct the heads of the operation Department and the finance department to sign a letter as the person responsible for recovery, which will be regularly assessed by the assessment team, together with performance, rewards and punishments Job promotion and evaluation shall be strictly linked to assessment

7. When the other party is really unable to repay, it can charge valuable objects at a price to prevent the end of "not even catching a handful of ashes"

8. If there is no hope of recovery, Sue in time when the other party has the ability to repay or repay things with compensation, so as to minimize losses. For example, a few years ago, Chongqing Xinhua Printing Factory sued a merged distillery in Hechuan City. Although it only got a few cars of wine, it reduced its losses by transferring it to its next home

9. If the other party proposes that there is indeed a quality problem, it should make a decision immediately and reduce the price to avoid delay and losing the lawsuit. Due to quality problems, a printing factory received tens of thousands of yuan less. At the end of loading, the loading handle should be placed at the unloading position, but the payment for goods of 1.2 million yuan was recovered in time

10. Do a good job in public relations, establish feelings with the other party and win the support of the other party when the law allows. For example, Xiao Hewei, the cashier of Chongqing Xinhua printing factory, solved the problem of the computer and provided suggestions for the modification of the printing pricing software, and the other party paid immediately

11. Adjust the product structure and business direction in time according to the collection situation, and don't go all the way to the black. For example, Chongqing Xinhua printing factory used to have a trademark decoration workshop, but it was difficult to collect cigarette and wine packaging products because of its ineffective means. Before 1999, more than 3 million arrears could not be collected. The trademark decoration workshop loses more than one million yuan every year. Later, the workshop was reorganized, focusing on the printing business of books and periodicals. In recent years, the enterprise has never had accounts that cannot be collected again, and the annual sales revenue has increased by 7.5 million yuan; At the same time, the outdated equipment was contracted to employees, and the workshop turned losses into profits. The Contracting Department did not receive money for social parts

12. According to the reasons and Countermeasures of the above cases, we can formulate a targeted collection management system, check around the clock, check and assess regularly, and strengthen the implementation, so as to systematically ensure the occurrence of bad debts and loan losses

13. The best policy is to establish a printing brand and win over high-end customers with high quality, high added value and preferential prices. For example, Nanjing Science and engineering school scheduling company has excellent quality, first-class service and superb technology. There is no price increase for arranging difficult words and making excellent books. Many provincial publishing houses take books to the company. The salesman of the company is no longer a "super emperor" but a "Porter" and "pick up and send manuscripts". The publishing house also pays in time, unwilling to offend such a good company that is difficult to find a second one. Printing enterprises have entered a virtuous circle

of course, the efforts of printing enterprises alone are not enough to completely solve the problem of difficult collection, but also need a good social environment

III. establish a good social environment

1 We should vigorously commend customers who are good at reputation and payment, and set a good example in society. For example, China Map Publishing House warmly entertained the cashier of Xinhua factory from Chongqing and paid immediately. Instead, it regarded the printing factory as a food and clothing parent, saying that they could not make money without a printing factory. At present, there are too few customers with this understanding

2. Carry out public opinion supervision, pay great attention to the principle of good faith, and let those who do not speak good faith become street mice, so that they pay a heavy price for their credibility

3. Strengthen the law enforcement of the court, purify the law enforcement team, and cut off the cancer of social economy. In this respect, Hong Kong is worth learning from the mainland. Smoking in public places where smoking is prohibited in Hong Kong will be fined 1500 Hong Kong dollars, and smoking in taxis will be fined 5000 Hong Kong dollars. If you have a bad attitude, you will be taken to court and detained for up to 15 days. Selling fake goods in Hong Kong will be sentenced to imprisonment of less than 15 years, a fine of 5million yuan, and no business for life. Therefore, in the mainland, the law enforcement should be firm and effective against those who delay the payment, and those who delay the payment maliciously and have the nature of fraud should be sentenced, their business licenses should be cancelled, and they should be on the "blacklist" of reputation, so that they can't lift their heads all their lives

in a word, only with the joint efforts of printing enterprises, customers and society, the problem of difficult collection can be well solved

source: Chongqing printing press

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