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Baidu, the world's fourth largest company in China, leads China's artificial intelligence. According to the Nikkei Asian review, Chinese enterprises have sprung up on the list of "top 50 Nikkei artificial intelligence patents" in the past three years. Chinese enterprises have quickly rushed ahead of their American counterparts and gradually become "Ai innovation centers". As a representative of the national AI team, Baidu has a good momentum, with the number of patents ranking first in China and fourth in the world

Chinese AI patents lead the world.

in the three years from 2016 to 2018, the number of Chinese enterprises on the list more than doubled: from 8 to 19. At the same time, although American companies still firmly occupy the top three of the list, only 12 companies ranked in the top 50

according to the statistics of the Nikkei Asia review, the number of AI patents in China actually surpassed that of the United States in 2015, ranking first in the world. However, this time, Chinese companies ranked significantly higher in AI, which shows another level of situation: the overall development trend of AI in China is positive

a report entitled "the Chinese have won the it war" published by Swiss magazine Watson recently pointed out that "Governments around the world are eager to support AI innovation, but no country has released a system plan like China and is able to complete the task. According to the development plan of the new generation of AI technology released by the Chinese government in July 2018: by 2020, China's overall AI technology and application will be synchronized with the world's advanced level; by 2030, China will become the world's major AI innovation center."

according to the in-depth analysis report of AI technology patents issued by the China Patent Protection Association, in recent years, the research and development of AI technology has reached an unprecedented heat in China. In the past decade, the annual growth rate of patent applications in China has been significantly higher, especially in the past two years, which has almost shown a straight-line upward trend, and there is no sign of slowing down at present

(annual change trend of Chinese patent applications)

at the same time, although the application volume of the United States, Japan and Europe as a whole was on the rise, the application volume fell around 2016. The growth rate of these three countries and regions has slowed down slightly in the past two years

(annual change trend of U.S. patent applications)

(annual change trend of patent applications in Europe)

(annual change trend of Japanese patent applications)

Baidu AI leads China

from the Perspective of the number of applications for the first phase of the Tianjin aluminum calendering project of Zhongwang, a domestic enterprise, with an annual design capacity of 1.8 million tons, baidu shows the strength of the national team, with 1522 patent applications, ranking fourth; State Grid Corporation of China ranked 6th, with 1173 patents; Tencent ranks 8th, with a total of 766 patents

from the perspective of artificial intelligence segmentation, machine learning and basic algorithms, intelligent search and intelligent recommendation, voice recognition, natural language processing, automatic driving, computer vision and image recognition are the representative technical branches in the field of artificial intelligence. The number of applications only with strong technology can ensure the stability of machine production is also rising rapidly. According to the "in-depth analysis of artificial intelligence technology patents: development status and trend analysis report of flame retardant materials" released by the China Patent Protection Association at the end of 2018, in addition to the number of patents far ahead, baidu ranks first among domestic applicants with 155, 570, 693 and 576 applications in the four key AI technology fields of automatic driving, speech recognition, natural language processing, intelligent search and intelligent recommendation, respectively

no matter from the overall number or the main technical branches, baidu is a pacesetter in the field of artificial intelligence in China, who studies and formulates guidelines to accelerate the promotion of agricultural mechanization and the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment industry

at the Third Plenary Session of the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, held at 3 p.m. on the 10th, members of the CPPCC National Committee Robin Lee, chairman of Baidu, said: "As an important driving force of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, artificial intelligence has risen to a national strategy. Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on human society in the next few decades and bring irreversible changes, which has become the consensus of the international community. In the future, let's seize the strategic development opportunity of artificial intelligence, accelerate the pace of ethical research and innovation, and build a competitive advantage in the development of artificial intelligence in China , build an intelligent society as soon as possible, and use technology to benefit the people. "

AI continues to enter real life, and its role in the transformation of the global economic structure will become more and more obvious. With the continuous improvement of the strategic level of AI in national development, China's AI will make greater progress in technology and commercial application. (Yiming)

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