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Analysis on the advantages of Tongcheng packaging and printing industry in China

Tongcheng xingerwang market, Anhui Province, invested and built by Shanghai wallow Real Estate Co., Ltd., Tongcheng packaging and printing city in China is under construction. The overall planning of xingerwang market covers an area of 300 mu, the first phase development is 100 mu, and the construction area is 100000 square meters. The main market player is positioned as "China Tongcheng packaging and printing city". The project will be completed before August and put into operation in October

China Tongcheng packaging and printing city has received strong support from the government. In order to develop and expand the regional pillar industry - packaging and printing industry, and speed up the economic development of Tongcheng, the municipal Party committee and government of Tongcheng attach importance to and support the construction of the large market, give a number of preferential policies, create a loose and good environment for investment operators, and escort the development of the large market

Shanghai warruo Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a powerful and experienced developer. It is a strong force in commercial real estate and an expert in market operation. It has the advanced concept of cultivating the market, achieves scientific operation and full service, and maintains the sustainable and stable development of the market. The developer also entrusted the famous Shanghai Chengxing marketing service agency with the whole process planning to ensure that the operation of Tongcheng packaging and printing city is in line with international standards and become a super first-class circulation market

Tongcheng packaging and printing city has complete functions, integrating the modernization needs of Commerce, office, storage, logistics, information dissemination, etc., and the supporting facilities are perfect. The market has an exhibition center of 6000 square meters, but experts admit that if you want to change to flexible packaging in a short time, you can often organize international and domestic industry fairs, trade fairs, order fairs, seminars and other special activities, so as to drive the development of the large market with huge exhibition benefits. The logistics center of the market is equipped with a large capacity storage area, which makes use of the regional advantages and convenient transportation network, opens special lines for the collection and transportation of goods around the country, connects domestic and foreign logistics networks, and forms a modern logistics system, so that the goods in the market can flow conveniently, quickly, with low consumption and safely. The big market also has information centers, settlement centers, and science and technology centers. The information center establishes Internet stations, opens information highways, participates in global information exchanges, establishes information channels with domestic and foreign industry media, markets, and enterprises, exchanges information with each other, establishes market publications, promotes enterprise products, and disseminates market information. The science and technology center sets up scientific and technological research and development institutions to help enterprise operators apply new technologies, develop new products, carry out technical exchanges, improve the scientific and technological content of enterprise production, train scientific and technological talents, and enhance the scientific and technological strength of enterprises. The five centers owned by the big market have the function of radiating to and participating in the big cycle at home and abroad, and will play a positive role in guiding and promoting the operation of enterprises stationed in the market

it is no accident that xingerwang market chose to settle in Tongcheng City, Anhui Province. Since the reform and opening up, especially since the ninth five year plan, with the strong support of all levels and departments, and the efforts of the vast number of packaging and printing colleagues, Tongcheng packaging and printing industry has achieved rapid development, and its status and role have become increasingly prominent. It has become an advantageous industry with the largest number of enterprises and employees, the most complete industry system, and the largest pulling effect on economic development in many industrial industries. It is the development of municipal economy The main force and leading geese to create regional advantages. The entrepreneurial process of Tongtong packaging and printing industry has experienced a process from small to large, from less to more, from weak to strong, from decentralized layout to centralized development. In particular, the development pattern of thousands of households and overwhelming land formed in the middle and late 1990s has increasingly highlighted the massive structure in the economy of Tongcheng city. Xindu, Shuanggang, Laomei, Wenchang, Sipu and Lvting have thus formed a nationally famous hometown of plastic packaging and printing and a base for printing iron packaging and capping. Printing technology has developed from monochrome printing to advanced four-color, six color, eight color, ten color, eleven color and twelve color printing equipment, and has developed from silk printing equipment, domestic offset and gravure equipment to imported high-speed shaftless gravure equipment, imported multi-color offset printing equipment, and even flexible printing equipment; Product varieties have also developed from low-grade single products to high-grade diversified products. Flexible packaging products have developed from low-grade plastic bags to high-level composite bags and vacuum coated composite bags; Alcohol packaging products have also developed from rough heat shrinkable sleeve packaging to refined high-end anti-counterfeiting plastic and metal bottle caps, aluminum foil labels, iron printing packaging, etc. At the same time, it has also made great progress in computer plate making, production of packaging raw and auxiliary materials and distribution in recent years. Tongcheng packaging and printing industry has formed a modern industrial system with plastic, paper and metal packaging and printing as the main framework, with certain modern technology and equipment, and a relatively complete range of categories. By the end of 2004, there were more than 800 packaging and printing enterprises in Tongcheng; More than 40000 employees, with total assets of about 1billion yuan and operating income of nearly 4billion yuan; The tax paid is more than 80 million yuan; In that year, the investment in fixed assets reached more than 400 million yuan, making it an important packaging and printing base in China Impact testing machine: one of the relatively less used types, enjoying high popularity and influence in the national packaging and printing industry

just because there is such a huge group of packaging and printing enterprises in Tongcheng, the demand for raw and auxiliary materials and equipment for packaging and printing is very amazing. Raw materials and equipment from all over the country gather in Tongcheng, while the packaging and printing products of Tongcheng circulate all over the country. Tongcheng has become a very powerful production base in the packaging and printing industry. Therefore, the settlement of xingerwang market in Tongcheng to build Tongcheng packaging and printing city in China is a wise choice for Gu Licheng, and it will certainly have a bright development prospect

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