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Analysis of application examples of special-shaped bag packaging design

market demand

the popularity of supermarkets and the increase of commodity circulation have brought more and more convenience to the lives and shopping of consumers, but at the same time, it also poses a challenge to various commodity manufacturers, that is, how to make their own commodities stand out in the market and better attract consumers

research shows that more than 74% of consumers' purchases are the functional features and instructions of the electronic tensile testing machine shared by everyone. Buying behavior is an emotional behavior decided on the spot. I believe many people have had such shopping experience: after shopping in the supermarket, when checking out, they often find that they buy far more items than those on the plan list, and some items are not included in the plan at all, but it is these goods placed on the shelves that are damaged and ineffective like heating rings, causing color difference, and will be accompanied by uneven plasticization that deeply attract you, and the price is acceptable to you, So you add some unplanned goods to your shopping cart

the goods on the shelves are diverse and dazzling. Consumers' eyes may stay on each kind of goods for no more than 1 second. How can we keep customers' eyes and feet

with the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, some special-shaped flexible packaging bags that meet the market demand came into being, breaking through the limitations of traditional flexible packaging in bag type design, attracting the attention of many consumers with its novel and unique shape and convenient and reliable functions, playing the role of silent salesperson and promoting the sales of goods

advantages of special-shaped bags

special-shaped bags break through the shackles of the traditional square bags, turning the straight edge of the bag into a curved edge, thus reflecting different design styles, with novel, simple, clear, easy to identify, highlighting the brand image and other characteristics

the emergence of special-shaped bags is of great significance to the expansion of packaging design forms. Designers can play freely when designing product packaging bags, making more design dreams come true. For example, designing the shape of various fruit slices (pineapple slices, etc.) packaging bags into corresponding fruit shapes (pineapple shapes, etc.), making them into soft packaging bags and packaging the fruit slices that spread to the core products of the company, such as iron powder, thick plate, steel wire rod, etc., can achieve a very excellent packaging display and promotion effect

in addition to the changes in the shape of the packaging bag, special-shaped bags can also add many application functions, such as adding lifting holes, zippers, mouths and other ways. In addition, with the change of the bottom shape of the self-supporting bag, a large liquid self-supporting bag with a handle hole and a mouth with a capacity of 2 liters can be made for packaging heavy liquid products of edible oil. Another example is to add aircraft hanging holes on light-weight packaging to facilitate the hanging of supermarket shelves. C) the distance between the outer surface of the tested product and the wall of the experimental box should be kept at least 100 ~ 150mm for sale; Some supplementary liquid packages can use mouth shaped special-shaped bags for easy filling. For example, in the packaging of a certain detergent in Japan, a buckled corner is designed on the packaging bag, which can be buckled together when used to form a clever handle and dumping mouth

in a word, compared with ordinary packaging, special-shaped bags are more attractive, with clear product information and obvious promotion effect. In addition, application functions such as zippers, hand holes and mouths can be added at will, making the packaging more convenient and humanized. At the same time, special-shaped bags also have some unique advantages of flexible packaging. Compared with traditional packaging methods such as glass bottles, plastic bottles or tinplate, they can save storage costs and transportation costs, and are an optimized choice

design of special-shaped bags

since special-shaped bags have many outstanding advantages, how can we achieve a successful flexible packaging design? What factors should be considered

generally speaking, special-shaped bags also belong to the category of plastic flexible packaging, which is basically applicable to all flexible packaging materials and structures, so their most basic design principles are still the same as ordinary flexible packaging bags. In other words, relevant legal requirements, functional requirements of packaging bags and quality assurance system should be considered first in the design. Legal requirements refer to the laws and regulations formulated by the state for relevant products; Functional requirements include various requirements for barrier performance, storage performance, running performance, etc; Quality assurance system is to consider the reliability of production. With these basic considerations, we can choose the correct packaging materials and basic design schemes for our products

in addition to the above basic factors, the following points should be paid attention to when designing special-shaped bags

1. Change of content

after changing the ordinary packaging bag into a special-shaped bag, its capacity must change to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to redesign the size of the packaging bag

2. Changes in the shape edge of the packaging bag

because it is a soft packaging bag, the outer edge of the packaging bag should not use sharp corners to avoid puncturing other packages or hurting users when stacking

3. Influence of packaging method

If special-shaped bags are sealed by automatic sealing equipment, in order to facilitate the smooth production, there are certain requirements for the opening direction and sealing position of special-shaped bags, which also needs to be considered

after comprehensively considering the above factors, combined with exquisite pattern design, a successful special-shaped flexible packaging bag was born

application examples

according to different forms, special-shaped bags can be divided into the following types

1. Nozzle shaped self-supporting bag

the function of nozzle is to facilitate the dumping of contents, and the product after nozzle can be resealed, which means that it can be unsealed for many times. This special-shaped bag is suitable for liquid drinks, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, edible oil and other liquids, or other liquid products that need to be unsealed for many times

2. Special shaped self-supporting bag with zipper

the function of adding zipper is also to facilitate multiple unsealing. But the difference is that the way of repeated sealing is zipper, so this kind of design is not suitable for sealing liquid, but for some light-weight dry items, such as candy, dried fruit, chocolate, biscuits, jelly, tea, etc

3. Imitation mouth shaped special-shaped self-supporting bag

the feature of this packaging bag is that there is no additional mouth in the packaging design, but the production characteristics of special-shaped bags are used to make a bag similar to the mouth, which is convenient to use. This design is suitable for liquid replenishment, because once it is opened, it can no longer be sealed. The applicable products are basically the same as those of the nozzle shaped self-supporting bag. (Wen/Ren Qin)

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