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Cause analysis of gas explosion accidents in China

in order to control the occurrence of industrial explosion accidents, we have analyzed in detail more than 40 cases of catastrophic and major industrial explosion accidents in China in recent years, accounting for more than 2/3 of the total number of catastrophic and major industrial explosion accidents in recent years. Although the consequences of the accident are random, that is, they are caused by accidental factors; However, the cause of the accident is not random, but the result of systematic factors, that is, non accidental factors. Therefore, the causes of these more than 40 accidents are reasonably representative of the causes of all industrial explosion accidents in China in recent years

I. gas explosion accident

1. Direct cause

(1) cause of gas concentration exceeding the limit

a. wind shutdown caused by power failure

b. wind shutdown

-- local fan was shut down in violation of regulations (including wind shutdown at the place of temporary shutdown)

-- local fan failure or damage without spare local fan

c. insufficient air volume

-- local fan without air duct

-- the air duct is damaged and air leaks

-- the ventilation capacity of the standby local fan is insufficient

-- incorrectly set the regulating air window on the air door

-- the effective ventilation section is small, because the roadway is in disrepair, or the cinder blocks part of the channel after the roof is lifted

-- air flow short circuit, such as there is no wind barrier between the main and auxiliary lanes

-- long ventilation line

d. the position of the gas drainage pipe lags behind

e. the reasons for the mine structure

-- the formation of blind roadways

-- the formation of single eye wells. If the second work area is connected, one of them will collapse and block after not being used, and the other will become single eye wells

-- large area of underground air void, such as hard roof and non falling after coal mining

-- gas flows into other areas, such as connected or connected in series

f. gas emission

-- comprehensive factors cause roadway roof fall and abnormal gas emission

-- the outlet pressure of the working face is concentrated, and the gas emission from the coal wall is accelerated

-- blasting in the excavation of the working face, causing a large amount of gas to gush out

(2) formation of fire source

a. illegal shooting

-- open fire shooting

-- shooting with the plug of the coal electric drill power supply

-- shooting with the coal electric drill power line, and the shooting bus is overlapped with the power line to produce sparks

-- the blast hole is not sealed with gun mud or is not sealed well

-- the system of "one shot, three inspections" is not implemented, such as short circuit caused by exposed blasting

b. live operation

-- live maintenance switch

-- live repair coal electric drill

-- power supply money for live maintenance of coal electric drill

c. mechanical and electrical equipment is out of explosion, and there is no "three protections"

d. electric lighting

e. impact and friction, such as:

-- iron during operation

-- U-shaped steel shed

-- metal support

f. miner's lamp, such as miner's lamp disassembly, miner's lamp line ignition

g. underground smoking

h. cable short circuit

2. Causes of serious consequences

(1) speed up the progress, arrange multiple driving points to work at the same time, and increase the number of personnel entering the well

(2) there are no explosion-proof safety measures after penetration

(3) not equipped with self rescuers, or the use and supervision of self rescuers are not strict

(4) there is no emergency exit directly to the ground for pedestrians (especially when there is no standby power supply)

(5) the information of the state of emergency is transmitted slowly

(6) the explosion causes the roadway to fall and collapse

(7) the main fan idled after the accident

3. management reasons

(1) (equipment and facility management)

a. ventilation management

-- no ventilation system

-- incomplete ventilation facilities

-- long ventilation line

-- failure of the wind power locking device of the working face without treatment, or even removal without renewal

-- the local fan is not managed by a specially assigned person and can be started and stopped at will

-- the roadway is in serious disrepair and the effective ventilation section is small

-- no full-time ventilation technicians

b. gas management

-- the gas emission of the working face is high, and the emission method cannot dilute the gas below the specified concentration

-- after driving in the gas outburst dangerous area, preventive measures are not taken according to the "outburst prevention rules"

-- the tile inspector is not clear about the inspection route, inspection points and inspection time

-- there is no gas monitoring and alarm system or the system is damaged without replacement

-- the number of tile inspectors is insufficient or there is no full-time tile inspector

-- false inspection, missed inspection and false report

-- there is no gas inspection record and approval system

c. electromechanical management

-- no standby power supply

-- do not use portable alarm or alarm miner's lamp

-- explosion failure of electromechanical equipment, including miner's lamp

-- the underground transformer capacity is insufficient, and the local fan and winch cannot operate at the same time

(2) personnel management

a. the employment system is chaotic and workers are highly mobile

b. new workers and special engineering workers are not trained and assessed as required, resulting in low quality workers and illegal operations

c. use unlicensed personnel. Incompetent persons take unqualified jobs

d. full time personnel not set up for some special posts according to regulations

(3) management of procedures, systems and processes

a. the technical approvers did not strictly approve the operation procedures

b. no disaster prevention plan was prepared under the background of high vanadium price

c the performance problem of battery diaphragm is also prominent. The rules and regulations are not perfect and the system is not clear

d. there are no regulations and safety measures for the new project

e. backward mining mode

f. unreasonable roadway layout

g. metal mechanism is used in the dangerous area of impact area

h. underground explosives and detonators are placed disorderly

i. the coordination and communication of functional departments are not timely, and the upward and downward reporting, transmission and feedback information are not timely

j. leaders are off duty

(4) serious illegal problems of enterprise leaders

a. put into production without investigating the gas situation

b. blind mining beyond design capacity and overload

c. reduce the standard. For example, according to the well type, the coal mine safety regulations should be implemented, but the township coal mine safety regulations should be implemented

d. failing to review the gas records daily as required when knowing that a complete ventilation system has not been formed

e. the design of the working face is not submitted for approval, or the construction starts without approval

f. outsourcing and escrow

g. people are not evacuated when the air is stopped underground

h. if the known gas concentration exceeds the limit, do not stop working and evacuate personnel, but also "make do with one shift":

i. mining without license

j. resume production without authorization after the power failure of the undocumented mine rectification team and the mine leader's signature to stop production

do not deteriorate in the process of use (5) the government and its competent departments have not conducted or seriously conducted the "three Simultaneities" review

b. there are defects in the approval and fulfillment of procedures

c. ineffective prevention, even support and connivance of unlicensed mining

d. poor supervision and management of the subordinate and local coal mines

II. Coal dust explosion accident

1. Illegal blasting operation; Do not spray water before blasting, mix the blasting mud and cinder when sealing the blasting, do not use the cement gun, and use the reverse device for blasting when blasting

2. The coal dust inspection and cleaning system is not implemented

III. for explosive coal seams, reconstructed and expanded coal seams, and general coal seams, there are no comprehensive dust prevention measures and dust management systems in the design and disaster prevention plan. Its casting project introduces world-class free casting production line and die forging hydraulic production line

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