Application of maximum oxygen content measurement

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Common faults of hydraulic testing machine:

application of oxygen content measurement in medical and pharmaceutical industries

in order to accurately measure the oxygen in packaging bags and other closed containers, the leader of marine optics - micro photonics industry launched redeye? Oxygen content sensor. Combined with its patented sensing materials and optical sensing technology, the non immersion oxygen content sensor can quickly determine the existence of oxygen and quantitatively measure it

accurate measurement of oxygen concentration is of great significance for medical and pharmaceutical applications. It can ensure the safety of patients in nursing analysis and using respirator devices, or show whether surgical instruments and drug packages have been disinfected and sealed

the redeye oxygen content sensor with self-adhesive can be attached to the surface of the sample container which is insulated for at least 30 min for gas medium, such as blood bag, tablet packaging, or nursing analysis equipment, such as the ventilator oxygen accessories whose inspection surface of the disposable sample should face down to complete the measurement of oxygen concentration in the packaging in a non-invasive way. The patented nano porous gel coating of ocean optics has good anti reaction ability, which can maintain the stability of the sensor and protect the sensor sheet. Based on different applications, the presence of oxygen can be observed through the color change of handheld led, or the accurate oxygen content can be directly measured by fluorophotometer

redeye oxygen content sensor can not only measure the low oxygen content in gas (as low as 0.005%) and dissolved oxygen in liquid (20ppb), but also measure the high oxygen content similar to that in cell tissue and respiratory monitoring. In addition to these medical and pharmaceutical applications, the coating technology of redeye oxygen content sensor is also applicable to food, beverage, fuel and other hydrocarbon products

according to the measurement needs, ocean optics can customize the sensing film for customers' personalized specifications in three different coating methods. (end)

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