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The application of "senchuang" servo in tobacco packaging equipment

at present, in China's tobacco industry, high-end and high-speed cigarette packaging equipment basically rely on imports, because its technology is relatively mature, and is deeply welcomed by the industry. However, because it basically adopts mechanical transmission, with the continuous improvement of anti-counterfeiting requirements, some functions can no longer meet the needs, so transformation and upgrading are imminent. Based on this situation, the color film positioning and packaging system came into being. It uses "senchuang" servo motor, high-performance motion controller and touch screen to accurately overlap the patterns on the color film and the patterns on the cigarette box, greatly improving the anti-counterfeiting performance. The application of the system is described in detail below

1. basic principle

track the position of the spindle through the encoder, control the servo motor to strictly follow the spindle. The spindle rotates once, and the servo motor drives the packaging film to give full play to its advantages for a fixed length. When the color mark is detected, cache the current position of the spindle encoder through high-speed input, compare it with the set value, and adjust the servo motor so that the film color mark is just at the set position when it is detected, To achieve the purpose of accurate overlapping of film pattern and cigarette box pattern

2. control difficulties

first of all, the installation of the encoder should be completely synchronized with the spindle and concentric as much as possible to prevent the jump of the encoder reading. In order to improve the accuracy, the number of encoder lines is high, so the controller needs to have enough input frequency. The accuracy of the servo motor is very important. Here, senchuang 1.5KW servo motor is used, which is low and tight, but also has high effective speed, large torque and high precision. It has good rigidity and high tracking accuracy. The color code sensor uses an optical fiber sensor, which has high sensitivity and good reliability. When the controller detects the color code, it uses the hardware cache to record the encoder value at that time, which has high precision and is not affected by the program execution delay. A set of packaging equipment needs to package the cigarette case and cigarette rod at the same time, so one controller has two encoders, two sets of servo and two pairs of optical fiber sensors, and the program is complex. At the same time, there are many working modes switching, such as transparent film packaging, color film positioning packaging, continuous tracking and intermittent tracking, which can make the conversion rate of China's new material technology achievements low, and have high requirements for the rationality and execution efficiency of the program

3. transformation advantages

after in-depth cooperation and transformation between the industry and automobile lightweight steel processing enterprises, it not only easily realizes the original transparent film packaging function, but also increases the color film packaging function and improves the technical content of products. By simply modifying the parameters and changing the working mode, it can correspond to a rich product line and add practical functions such as paper length self-test. After practical use, the effect is good and has been affirmed and praised by the manufacturer

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