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Application of machine vision technology in tablet packaging defect detection system II

4.2 image acquisition card

in the PC based machine vision system, the image acquisition card is an important equipment that controls the camera to take photos to complete image acquisition and digital coordination of the whole system. Its structure design and performance are closely related to the efficiency of the whole system. The general image acquisition card has the following function modules: image signal receiving and a/D conversion module; Camera control input/output interface; Bus interface; Communication interface

the system uses the pci-1408 image acquisition card of Ni company, which supports multi-channel image acquisition, and adopts dual CCD input to improve the resolution and reliability of the system. The image of the drug plate needs a special resin head to be captured by CCD camera, and then it is converted into a digital image by the acquisition card and input into the computer. After computer processing, it can judge whether there is any waste plate

4.3 separation system

the separation system is mainly the design of the air gun, including the control of the shape, position, pressure and time of the air nozzle. The distance between the air gun nozzle and the camera and the running speed of the conveyor belt determine the time and delay of air injection. 2. The time when the sample has been broken. Here, through the real-time calculation of the whole running process by the computer, the controller sends instructions to the controller. The controller controls the air gun to operate, so that it can spray air flow after the specified time, and blow the waste board into the waste box

5 control of detection system

the control system includes three subsystems: identification algorithm, user interface and communication, which respectively complete the detection and identification, air gun control and communication functions

the system software is based on Windows platform and written in Delphi language, and the program group of universal testing machine software measurement and control system will appear in the initial program of Ni company; The files in the installation directory shall mainly include: LabVIEW language for graphic processing. The software structure is shown in Figure 2, which is divided into seven modules: parameter setting, preprocessing, digital image processing, intelligent judgment and decision-making, mechanical control, communication and user interface. Parameter setting provides the setting and storage of database data files; The pre-processing module completes the initialization operation according to the set value; The digital image processing module completes the digital processing of CCD images collected in real time; The intelligent decision-making module compares and judges the image data; The mechanical control module completes the control of the air gun circuit; The communication module completes the two-way communication between the detection system and the host computer and the database, and reports the statistical data; The user interface adopts graphical mode to provide convenient operation and statistical display for the user, so that the user can timely change the parameter setting value and add, delete or modify the database when detecting the variety change

6 conclusion

this machine vision system, which can replace human detection and classification work, can greatly reduce the inspection cost, improve product quality, greatly improve labor productivity, and create a comfortable work for workers. Therefore, it is an experimental machine environment with good performance. It is of practical value to use machine vision recognition system to replace manual inspection for tablet packaging, especially in the automatic production line to replace manual inspection for rapid and monotonous product inspection, which can achieve rapid and accurate results

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