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The new policy has brought about a new order. The third China recycled paper industry conference was grandly held in Xiamen. On November 8, the third China recycled paper industry conference hosted by China Renewable Resources Recycling Association and organized by the waste paper branch of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association was held in Xiamen. With the theme of "new policy to avoid exceeding the preset schedule, new strategy and new order", the conference discussed the new strategy and new order that China's recycled paper industry will usher in under the new policy environment. More than 400 delegates participated in the event

this recycled paper industry conference has received extensive support and attention from the competent government and experts and enterprises inside and outside the industry. Luoxiaoli, deputy director of the Energy Conservation Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, and lijiajian, researcher of the Circulation Industry Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, attended the meeting and made a speech. Experts from the solid waste Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, China Packaging Federation, China Express Association and more than 20 representatives of entrepreneurs made wonderful sharing at the meeting

Guan Aiguo, President of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, pointed out in his speech at the conference that the new import solid waste policy, waste classification policy, environmental protection supervision and tax inspection are both historical opportunities and more severe challenges for the renewable resources industry. Renewable resources enterprises, especially recycling enterprises, should correctly judge the big situation, keep in mind the original intention of entering the industry, dare to innovate, be good at filling their own weaknesses, and re-establish a perfect, powerful and scientific green recycling system

luoxiaoli, deputy director of the Energy Conservation Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out in her speech that the Ministry of industry and information technology has always attached great importance to the development of the waste paper recycling industry. In the future, the Ministry will strengthen the standardized management of the industry, actively cultivate bone stem leading enterprises and take other guiding measures to promote the development of resource comprehensive utilization enterprises by formulating special plans, carrying out base construction and pilot demonstration

lijiajian, deputy director of the circulation department of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced the priorities of the Ministry of Commerce on the renewable resources industry this year. He pointed out that this year, the Ministry of Commerce made a "green" revision to the "management specification for the construction of renewable resources sorting center", and listed environmental protection requirements as a necessary condition for enterprises to carry out business. In the process of industrial transformation and upgrading, the urban renewable resources sorting center will be an important starting point. He proposed that the renewable resources industry should closely follow the national situation, follow the trend, truly realize the environmental service attribute of the whole industry, and highlight the social value of enterprises

the conference is divided into three topics: new policy, new situation and new strategy, smart waste paper and green recycling. These three topics are the core of the conference and also mark the development direction of the recycled paper industry in the future

topic a new policy

topic a host: sunjianbo, executive vice president of the waste paper branch of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, on environmental protection supervision, zhangzhimin, former deputy director of the national environmental protection emergency center, explained the background and future direction of the supervision, and sorted out the risk points that are likely to occur in recycling and paper enterprises in the near future

engineer Zhou Bingyan of Solid Waste Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences gave a detailed interpretation of the background, purpose and specific measures of banning foreign garbage from entering the country. The introduction of the management measures for imported waste paper is not only an important measure for the construction of national ecological civilization, but also an important driving force to improve the quality of imported waste paper and promote the standardization of domestic recycling system as soon as possible

liguohua, director of the laboratory and senior engineer of Qingdao Customs Technical Center, shared the method of providing more complete models for consumers to choose "quality inspection and appraisal of imported waste paper products"

the waste paper branch meeting of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association also attracted start-ups in Zibo. Wu Tao, the tax chief, summarized the current situation and main trends of the development of the domestic recycled paper industry in 2017 and 2018, and released the 2017 China recycled paper industry development report prepared by the waste paper branch. The report points out that under the guidance of multi-dimensional policies, the domestic recycled paper industry has seen a new development trend

around the influence of policy combination, wangyuezhong, vice president and Secretary General of China Packaging Federation, Jiaozheng, Deputy Secretary General of China express delivery Association, zhengmengqiao, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang Paper Industry Association and Zhejiang paper society, and Li Wei, general manager of Bowen Ruisi business consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., dialogue host, expressed their views from the perspective of their respective industries

topic 2 new strategy and new order

host of Topic 2: zhangtongde, vice president of waste paper branch of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association and general manager of Tianjin Light Industries Xuyang International Trade Co., Ltd

when great changes have taken place in the external situation, many excellent enterprises have emerged to actively think about and practice new strategic positioning, and the new pattern and order of the industry are brewing in this competition

Ms. zhangxiuhong, the managing director of Zhongnan (Tianjin) renewable resources Co., Ltd., shared the significance of the strategic decision of the paper mill to improve the quality requirements of waste paper procurement. She compared the relationship between the paper mill and the recycling enterprise as fish and water. She believed that under the new policy, the recycling industry has reached an opportunity for standardized development, and the establishment of a new order in the industry is just around the corner. What materials should be purchased first

Ms. Fengyan, assistant director of paper industry lianxun, made a detailed data analysis on the overall situation of the operation of the recycled paper market in 2017 and 2018, predicted the future supply and demand of domestic waste paper, and shared her views on the impact of the import waste paper policy

Gaoyuan, marketing director of xiaohuanggou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., shared the innovative development of environmental protection technology in the renewable resources industry. Intelligent classified recycling + resource integration of recycling system is the secret of xiaohuanggou's rapid expansion. He shared xiaohuanggou's understanding of the reconstruction of renewable resource system as a garbage classification, resource recycling and Internet complex

shenfengwu, general manager of Beijing Urban Mineral Resources Development Co., Ltd. of Jinghuan group, a state-owned environmental sanitation giant who took the lead in practicing "two integration", won bursts of applause for his brilliant speech. He believed that the renewable resources sorting center must be positioned in urban environmental services and should combine public service attributes with market attributes

hushaoping, general manager of tiger recycling, shared the development history of tiger recycling with the participating enterprises. He believed that as a traditional recycling enterprise, in the process of urban recycling system reconstruction, the strategic choice determines the life and death of the next few decades. He did not look at the general trend and did not dare to innovate, and finally he could only be passively eliminated by the market and the situation

Xu Wei, technical director of Guangdong JunNuo Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., shared the important role of intelligent sorting in improving waste paper quality and sorting efficiency

yangsu'e, consultant of Taiwan Environmental Protection Foundation, introduced in detail Taiwan's experience in waste classification and resource recovery

the paper number technology dedicated to the professional waste paper trading platform made its debut in the industry for the first time. Meng qingran, the general manager, deeply analyzed the great changes in policies and markets and the historical stage of the waste paper recycling industry, benchmarked other bulk products that have been traded and the exchanges of existing waste paper trading categories, and believed that the domestic waste paper trading has reached the conditions that can be practiced

Chenhan, general manager of Huanyu China operation under Shanying group, shared Huanyu China's future national waste procurement channel layout strategy and operation ideas, and actively discussed the "green box" project with downstream customers to innovate the supply chain cooperation mode

xingcong, general manager of renewable resources department of Beijing sound new sanitation Investment Co., Ltd., shared the idea of building a solid waste industrial chain platform, integrating existing recycling channel resources in various regions, and providing supporting facilities for cooperative enterprises in capital, logistics and information management

in the dialogue on how to build a new recycling system and supply relationship, Wang Hui, general manager of China Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch of China Renewable Resources Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Fang Hao, founder and CEO of Xiandou recycling, zhangchengju, general manager of Chongqing renewable resources group Zhongying Paper Co., Ltd., fengxinfang, former chairman of Henan Longyuan Paper Co., Ltd Xuchunli, general manager of the partnership Department of Xiamen Hexing Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., and other enterprise representatives expressed wonderful views. They reached a consensus during the discussion. The current market situation requires that the recycling industry must be standardized and improved, and the era of great development of the recycling industry is coming. The moderator of this dialogue session is tangyanju, Deputy Secretary General of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association and Secretary General of waste paper branch

topic 3 Smart waste paper and green recycling host of Topic 3: tangyanju, Deputy Secretary General of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association and Secretary General of waste paper branch

in the process of upgrading the management mode and business means of recycled paper enterprises, the application of informatization and intelligence has become an industry consensus, and smart waste paper service operators represented by "waste paper link" and "thousand birds recycling" have begun to appear

according to Qiu Shaobo, founder and CEO of "waste paper link", which has served thousands of waste paper sorting centers, smart waste paper is the development direction and development tool of the future recycled paper industry

hujingjun, co-founder of "Guangzhou qianniao Internet", who has just won the honor of top 50 makers in 2018, shared the smart logistics + smart cabling system that qianniao built a trinity of industrial cloud big data through information flow, logistics and capital flow to provide printing and packaging enterprises with waste paper recycling financial services and base paper supply services

in the sharing of the theme of green recycling, duanyanjian, the head of packaging planning from JD logistics, talked about JD's practice on the current situation and trend of green sustainable packaging development. JD built a sustainable packaging system from the following aspects: reducing the consumption of packaging materials, designing multiple recycling packaging and independent recycling

land and sea environmental protection, which also focuses on green recycling, has completed the transformation of traditional resource utilization enterprises in the process of urban environmental governance. Zhang Ting, director of the media business center of Xiamen land and sea environmental protection Co., Ltd., introduced the urban solid waste service operation mode of the whole industrial chain of land and sea in her speech

wuxiaoyan, deputy director of the engineering center of Tianjin Renewable Resources Research Institute, and sunxiaofeng, technical manager of the bid winning Hexin Certification Co., Ltd., respectively explained the new environmental impact assessment regulations of the waste paper recycling industry, the enterprise environmental risk control and the certification method of the green renewable resources sorting center. This is also the service jointly provided by the China renewable resources recycling association with relevant units for its members this year

after the meeting, the conference organized representatives to visit the land and sea environmental protection and recycling workshop. As the first national resource recycling base recognized by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in Xiamen, land and sea environmental protection will build an urban comprehensive environmental service operator integrating environmental protection fashion, recycling logistics and sorting center based on the recycling of urban comprehensive solid wastes at the back of the land and sea environmental protection, The problem of solid waste recycling in Xiamen and surrounding cities has been effectively solved

Songjun, representative of the top 20 recycled paper enterprises and general manager of Bozhou Longli renewable resources Recycling Co., Ltd., shared the construction and operation ideas of the company's green and standardized renewable resources sorting center and the progress of the front-end recycling system

during the conference, the waste paper branch of China Renewable Resources Recycling Association released the 2017 development report of China's recycled paper industry and the 2017 survey report of top 20 enterprises in China's recycled paper industry

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