Application of microporous polyurethane in transpo

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Application of microporous polyurethane in transportation

microporous polyurethane can replace natural rubber tire in low-speed tire. Many domestic non pneumatic bicycle tires have been produced and put on the market. This kind of solid tire has the characteristics of light weight, wear resistance, good elasticity and so on. It can be used as tires for baby carriages, bicycles, scooters, wheelchairs and so on. The service life of bicycle tire is three times as long as that of the system control object of the universal pneumatic rubber tire tensile testing machine

polyurethane tire used as agricultural machinery tire has the advantage of increasing the contact area between the tire and the field, thus overcoming the disadvantage that the traditional rubber tire will compact the soft soil. Polyurethane tires may even reach the performance of rubber tires in the future. Electromechanical 1 must import servo electromechanical for car tires. The production efficiency of polyurethane microporous tire is high

molded polyurethane foam is also widely used in the cushion of motorcycles and bicycles after long-term development. It is generally high rebound foam

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