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Just like when buying things, the owners also hope that the decoration price is cheap and the quality is guaranteed. It is precisely because of this mentality of the owners that the decoration companies have launched a price war for this, and various preferential activities have come in a variety of ways. The package is preferential, and the decoration is a gift, which makes some companies have a variety of tricky quotations, and the decoration false advertising immediately leads to market chaos, and the owners can not really benefit. Xiaobian came to check all kinds of tricks in the decoration quotation. I hope you will pay more attention in the future decoration to avoid being cheated

◆ judge whether there is something fishy in the decoration quotation:

1. The decoration company whose single price is lower than the cost price is the company playing fishy; The reason is very simple. No one will do business that loses money

2. Decoration companies that deliberately omit items are also companies that play tricks. Their purpose is to reduce the total price and deceive customers

3. Decoration companies that are inaccurate in quantity and deliberately underreported are also companies that play tricks and confuse customers by reducing the total price

4. Decoration companies with quotation items that are not independent and whose materials and construction process descriptions are not clear are also companies playing tricks. Their purpose is to add more items to the project or lay an ambush for changing and adding items. In a word, it is the hard truth for decoration companies to sign orders with consumers, and enterprises can survive. In order to mislead and induce customers to consume, many decoration companies that lack social morality prefer to do anything

◆ about the decoration quotation, the editor reminds:

when shopping in the supermarket, people often make a price comparison of similar goods, and then decide which brand to buy. Decoration is no exception. Its large amount, complex technology, various projects, diverse materials and different styles make the quotation of various decoration ever-changing, and many people also like to compare. It is indeed a good way to shop around and make a decision, but some owners try to minimize the price of decoration through this competitive way, which is a misunderstanding

because the decoration items, decoration quantity, decoration unit price, decoration materials, decoration process description and total price in the decoration quotation issued by different decoration companies are different, often different decoration quotation forms are not unified, the decoration quantity will be different, the decoration materials will also be different, the decoration individual quotation will be high and low, and the decoration remarks will be different, which makes it impossible for many owners who do not know the professional knowledge to compare. If you simply compare the total price and choose the decoration company with the lowest total price, you are very likely to be cheated, because many decoration companies will deliberately lower the quotation in order to attract customers, and then raise the price with various statements after construction, or provide customers with inferior decoration materials

some owners also have unrealistic practices. They design their own decoration, buy their own decoration materials, and divide the home decoration into many small pieces. Whichever decoration company reports a cheap single item, let it be done by which decoration company. As a result, a hundred flowers bloomed. I took pains not to say. It took several months. As a result, the actual cost far exceeded the original decoration budget, wasted a lot of money, and finally made a mess of my home, but I couldn't find anyone responsible

decoration engineering is a complete system engineering, and not everyone can act as the commander in chief. Otherwise, what kind of designers, budget planners, and technical workers are needed? If you want to save money, worry and effort, you must find the right experts to provide services. Of course, the decoration price should be compared. No matter how the decoration quotation changes, it cannot change. Accounting the actual cost and profit is the most important

◆ several aspects that have the greatest impact on the quotation of decoration construction:

wall surface: the flatness of the wall surface should be measured from three aspects. The solid angle formed by the two walls and the ground or top surface should be straight, the included angle between the two walls should be vertical, and the single wall should be flat, without fluctuation and bending. These three aspects are related to the construction unit price of ground pavement and wall decoration

top surface: its flatness can refer to the ground requirements. Light test can be used to check whether there is a large shadow to determine its flatness

doors and windows: mainly check whether the horizontal and vertical joints between door and window leaves and cabinets are uniform and dense

kitchen and bathroom: pay attention to whether the ground is inclined towards the floor drain; How waterproof the ground is; Around ground pipelines (water supply and drainage, coal and heating pipes)

waterproof: whether there are local cracks, water marks and mildew on the wall or top surface; Whether the sanitary ware has dripping and drainage, and whether the drainage is smooth; Whether the positions of existing washbasins, toilets, baths, vegetable washing grounds, stoves, etc. are reasonable

ground: pay attention to the flatness of the ground, whether it is cement plaster or floor tile, including the flatness of the ground of a single room and each room. The quality of flatness has a great impact on the unit price of decoration construction such as paving tiles or floors





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