Key points of furniture care with water-based wood

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Because of environmental protection and health, water-based wood paint is more and more respected by users. After the water-based wood paint is applied, the maintenance of the paint film of wood paint becomes the key, especially the paint film on the surface of wood furniture. If it is well maintained, the paint film will be clear and transparent all the year round and bright as new, otherwise the wood furniture will soon have a dull color, and the paint film will crack and peel off. Then, how to maintain the water-based wood paint film? In daily use, we must pay attention to the following points:

first, the paint film on the surface of wooden furniture should be often wiped with soft gauze to reduce dust stains, and regularly wiped with car polish wax or floor wax, which can make the surface paint film as bright as new

II. If the paint film on the surface of wooden furniture is stained, immediately wash it with low concentration soap water or detergent water, then wash it with clean water, wipe it dry, and finally wipe it with car polish wax

III. wooden furniture can only be used normally after being coated with water-based wood paint for a week; Maintain the fluidity of indoor air and the appropriate neutrality of temperature and humidity, and ensure that the paint film on the surface of wood furniture reaches normal hardness

IV. try to avoid contact with high concentration of chemical reagents to avoid damaging the paint film

v. wood paint coated furniture can withstand the high temperature of the water cup, but it should not be close to heaters such as furnaces and heaters, so as to avoid deformation of wood furniture caused by high temperature baking, resulting in cracking and peeling of the paint film surface

VI. beware of deliberate collision and knife scoring with hard objects on the surface of wooden furniture, otherwise it is easy to cause hard damage to the paint film

VII. If there is a glass table top, a cotton tablecloth should be laid under it. It is not suitable to directly lay paper or plastic film. Otherwise, over time, paper and plastic film will adhere to the paint film and damage the paint film

VIII. Every few years, it is best to brush a layer of water-based wood paint again to keep the paint film of furniture at home fresh and durable




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