Which log furniture brand has strong strength to j

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Which log furniture brand has strong strength to join? Log furniture join 400-0088-509

which brand of log furniture is strong? Log furniture has joined 400-0088-509

the strong brand 'log customization' series of old carpenters to meet the needs of high-grade consumer groups with different lifestyles. The products sell well in all regions of the country, and the domestic market network has covered more than 30% of the first and second tier cities, covering more than 100 marketing monopoly outlets at home and abroad

which log furniture brand has strong strength to join

witness to the strength of the old carpenter's log furniture brand:

advantage 1: raw materials are directly sourced from Thailand, Myanmar, the United States and Africa by the old carpenter. Imported from Brazil, the material is strictly selected, and Fraxinus mandshurica and other precious wood with more than 200 years of history are selected. The trees in the sun are required to grow in a low temperature environment of minus 40 degrees all year round with full sunshine. The wood is harder, grows slowly, and is not easy to crack and deform. The third section of a tree uses only wood. Without knots, only 30% of a cubic meter of wood can make our furniture

advantage 2: all production equipment of the company adopts the world's most advanced German imported production machinery, which improves the utilization rate of wood and greatly shortens the working hours

advantage 3: the old carpenter focuses on professional technology and has 26 patented technologies. The old carpenter enterprise has many patents, which is the embodiment of its strong strength. The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy. The future competition of the world is the competition of intellectual property rights

advantage 4: we have the most professional R & D team, develop the most popular styles abroad, have an elite marketing team that can easily grasp the market, and hundreds of professional masters with decades of production experience. These professional teams will escort you

advantage 5: all after-sales services require customers to be satisfied with 100% service, and the mechanism of who sells who is responsible, so that customers have evidence to rely on, where to find, and use more at ease. And a solemn commitment to double compensation for product cracking and deformation! Warranty for 30 years

advantage 6: healthy and environmental protection. We select natural ecological logs and import environmental friendly water-based paint Fenlin, which allows the wood to be fully absorbed. It is not only environmentally friendly but also more durable, making our furniture more environmentally friendly than the air. The perfect combination of modern and traditional technology adopts mortise and tenon technology structure to make the products more stable and durable

advantage 7: there is room for preserving the value of log furniture. Due to the slow growth of high-grade raw wood and scarce resources, and we purchase directly from the origin, we save many intermediate links and make money when we buy it

which log furniture brand has strong strength to join? The old carpenter has been hand-made for a hundred years and insists on using the good craftsmanship of his ancestors to make good works handed down from generation to generation

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★ solemnly promise: double compensation for product cracking and deformation! Warranty for 30 years

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