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If a beautiful and practical aluminum alloy sliding door is installed; It is not only pleasing to the eye, but also can add points to cooking, and there are many benefits

the kitchen is equipped with transparent aluminum alloy sliding doors

so that your vision can be included in the kitchen and restaurant at the same time

you can see children playing when cooking

you can also watch the busy figure of your family when cleaning the table

you enjoy ordinary and warm home life

for friends who cook all over the world, It is important to have a proper kitchen door at home. If a beautiful and practical aluminum alloy sliding door is installed; It is not only pleasing to the eye, but also can add points to cooking, and has these advantages:

first, space partition

the kitchen is the place where oil fumes are generated. In order to take into account the health of family members, it should be separated from the dining room, living room, bedroom and other spaces. The sliding door of aluminum alloy doors and windows can effectively isolate oil smoke, prevent moisture and partition space. Sliding doors with different colors, transparencies, materials, sizes, etc. have different separation forces, and the effect and sense of hierarchy are also different

second, add space elasticity

you can open or move the aluminum alloy sliding door according to the use requirements, decorative style and structural form, and you can see that the space involved changes accordingly: larger and smaller, or separate and merge, follow the wishes of people, and better reflect the flexibility of sliding doors. You can feel a certain freedom in the space demand of the kitchen, and the home life will become more comfortable

III. play a decorative role

aluminum alloy sliding doors have a variety of styles and styles. The surface treatment of profiles includes: oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spraying and other processes; Glass surface treatment includes: mechanical treatment, chemical treatment, coating and other processes; The style is changeable and has many choices. In modern times, the aluminum alloy sliding door with fashionable element design not only makes the appearance of the kitchen look fashionable and generous, but also improves the grade of home decoration

IV. permeability

some kitchens have insufficient lighting coefficient and natural lighting illumination due to poor spatial layout. After reasonable design and decoration, aluminum alloy sliding door with large area proportion of glass; It can ensure the permeability of the kitchen space, effectively provide light for the kitchen, and the glass with different degrees of transparency can transmit the light of different degrees. Natural lighting can make people close to nature and is beneficial to health; Reduce energy consumption

in the space full of "daily necessities", adding an aluminum alloy sliding door is a good choice

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