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Compared with the decoration of new houses, the decoration of second-hand houses undoubtedly increases the difficulty in design and construction.

first, there is no ceiling on the concrete base

1. Carry out the construction according to the requirements of the operation sequence

2. The base course shall be clean and firmly combined with the base ash without hollowing

3. The surface is flat and smooth, and there is no trace of iron trowel, let alone blistering, peeling and cracks

4. If the surface is painted with emulsion paint, the quality requirements can be checked according to the quality inspection requirements of wall and column lotion paint

II. Wooden ceiling

1. Construct according to the operation sequence

2. The wooden keel shall be free of knots. The wooden keel extension shall be firmly connected, and the suspender shall be firmly connected with the wooden keel and the floor

3. The keel shall be painted with fireproof and corrosion-resistant paint

4. The ceiling keel is considered to sag in the future, so after installation, the center should be arched 1/200 according to the short side

5. Where there are lampshades, curtain boxes and other positions, the keel should be added, and the ceiling fan should not bear the force on the keel frame

6. The cover panel should be flat and free of warping, peeling, degumming and other phenomena. If there is piecing, the pattern should meet the design requirements of the regulations

III. lath, steel wire mesh plastered ceiling

1. The requirements of wooden keel grid are the same as those of wooden ceiling

2. The strip joints must be staggered, the plate surface should not be too smooth, and the strip and steel mesh should be nailed firmly

3. Lime paste must be fully cured, and it is not allowed to contain lime fixed particles, so as to avoid bubbles after plastering

4. The lath is dry and easy to absorb water and expand, and the plastering is dry and easy to crack after absorbing water, so the bottom ash should be watered after drying, and then the leveling layer can be combined with each other

IV. light steel keel ceiling

1. The selected light steel keel should meet the design requirements and ensure the quality

2. All parts and keels in the ceiling shall be galvanized

3. The keel, suspender and connector shall be in correct position, and the material shall be flat, straight and firmly connected without looseness

4. Horizontal secondary keel must be added to all suspended bearing parts

5. The distance between the suspender and the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm

6. The allowable deviation standard of quality can refer to the wooden ceiling

7. How to check the decoration quality of aluminum alloy keel ceiling can also refer to light steel keel ceiling

v. wood





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